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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of the Science Fiction Novel, 1984.

George Orwell became the author of the most popular novel Nineteen Eight Four or referred to as 1984. He wrote this story at Barnhill, a farmhouse in Jura and first published the novel in 1949. This novel became the the author’s ninth and final book in his career and translated into 65 languages. This resulted in him to receive the NPR award for the category of 100 science fiction and fantasy books.

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Author:  George Orwell

Genre:  Political and Social Science Fiction

Page:  328

Good reads rating:  4.17 of 5

My Rating:  8.5 of 10

Published:  1949

Publisher:  Secker & Warburg (First Publication)

Language:  English

For The Latest Price: 1984

Review and Summary of 1984 by George Orwell.

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

1984 base its story on a World surrounded by occurrences of war and the aftermath thereof. Society constantly experiences surveillance and impacts the social-political environment substantially.

The plot aims to describe the social conditions that develop during and after War events and the manner people react because of the circumstances. The story involved three superstates and the control of these regions within an after-war time.

The author described Oceania as one of the ruling states. Big Brother and his party ruled the state via the use of surveillance methods. Winston Smith represented an external party and worked at the Ministry of Truth. His job involved the recording of historical records and to archive them according to state rules.

Winston thought it best to start his own rebellion but the Big Brother party suspected him. His friend named Charrington owned an antique shop. Winston bought a journal and recorded the manner Big Brother manipulates society through surveillance.

He suspected Julia, one of his colleagues, to be a spy. He developed a dislike in her, but one day Julia handed him a note in which she confessed her love for him. They started a relationship and moved into Mr Charrington’s house.

The Big Brother party realised Winston and Julia attempted to investigate their actions and sent them to jail. They realised that Mr Charrington worked for the ruling party and he betrayed them. In the prison cells, the ruling party tortured them. As a result they turned on each other to protect themselves from any ongoing aggression in the prison. After their release, they separated from each other. Winston supported Big Brother after the experience he had with Julia, thinking of the selfish world they live in.

Final Say on The Political Fiction Novel, 1984.

Orwell attempted to provide an insight into the meaning of social-political meaning of war and the impacts on society. It provides an insight into humankind’s reaction towards each other and the underlying selfishness that exist. I rate this novel, 8.5 out of 10. Would I re-read the novel? Yes. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

For The Latest Price: 1984

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 by Eliza
My favorite book for almost 20 years

I first read 1984 for a high school English class almost 20 years ago, I was immediately drawn to Orwell's writing style. For every bit of dialog, there is MUCH more narration, but the narration is engrossing and intriguing. I love when Orwell uses long sentences with parallel phrasing, and he describes in detail a society that is frighteningly much like our own-- a crushingly intrusive government that uses constant and inescapable surveillance paired with a steady stream of falsehoods marketed as truth that caters to the 1% (the Inner Party) while the lower castes (the Outer Party and the Proles) suffer in poverty and neglect. If you're like me and love a good bleak novel that explores the basic depravity of man (other favorites of mine are Brave New World and Lord of the Flies), read 1984. Don't forget to give Animal Farm a try as well; it covers very similar themes using talking barnyard animals, but it's an easier read. Better read this book quickly because Big Brother Is Watching You.

 by Mike
George Orwell is amazing

George Orwell is amazing. I love everything that he writes.

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