Blood Prize by Ken Grace – Dystopian Books Review

Der letzte Wohnsitz Gottes
Der letzte Wohnsitz Gottes by Jens Bühler – Dystopian Books Review
June 28, 2020
And what strange voices they have! Sometimes like the complaining of small children; sometimes like the noise of lambs.
Aldous Huxley Dystopian Author Quotes#106
June 28, 2020
Blood Prize

Summary of the Dystopian Book Blood Prize

Ken Grace’s ‘Blood Prize’ takes the reader on a fast-paced chase around the World as they accompany the protagonists in their task to recover a mysterious prize coveted by many.

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Dystopian Book Blood Prize

Author: Ken Grace

Genre: Dystopian Literature


Goodreads rating

My Rating:  7.36/10

Published: January 30th 2014 

Publisher:  Maktub It Is Written (30 January 2014)


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Dystopian Book Blood Prize

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