About Us

This website is not about me it’s about the story, I am Max Atlas, my only mission is to raise awareness of Dystopian fiction and share in a collective awakening to not only the best Dystopian Novels ever written but also new and upcoming Authors to give them a platform to share their Dystopian Worlds.

Dystopian Books as you may have guessed has been founded upon on a love of all dystopian literate, from it’s humble beginnings to the modern-day there is a book for everyone. At Dystopian Books, we explore the stories, the authors and the warnings that Dysopia’s offer the reader.

Without George Orwell and Aldous Huxley then Dystopian Books would not exist as from the first moment I read them the sense of awakening came upon me. The questions they raised about power, society and the human condition left me intrigued and wanting more. This passion has led me on a life long journey, one that continues to grow to help me define and sow my tapestry. There is no doubt the world in some ways has never been better. However, it’s also in the same breath never had such disparity. By reading and understanding Dystopian Fiction not only can you enhance your empathy and human experience but it actually helps looks at the world through a critical eye.