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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of the Young Adult Fiction Novel Across the Universe

Across The Universe is a young adult science fiction novel written by Beth Revis. Beth is undoubtedly a highly talented writer and the novel offers an insight into her exceptional skills. The novel received a listing as one of the New York bestsellers and presents a futuristic journey where Amy and Elder save the ship from the murderers. It is a story about an unusual futuristic trip to the other planet that constitutes affection, madness and adventure. 

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Author: Beth Revis

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/ Young Adult/ Dystopian Fiction

Pages: 399

Goodreads Rating: 3.77/5

My Rating: 6 out of 10

For The Latest Price: Across the Universe

Review and Summary of the Novel Across the Universe

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

It’s a story of a seventeen-year-old Amy who chooses to go with her parents on a 300-year journey to the other planet on a ship that is known as ‘’God Speed’’. Amy chooses the journey herself and opts to go with her parents instead of staying behind with her relatives. When she wakes up she finds herself in a metallic room and realised that they will still take 50 more years to reach the planet.

Elder is another young man on the ship who is supposed to be the future leader. He always feels good about Amy because she belongs to the earth, the planet he has only heard about. Later on, they discovered that someone attempted to unseal Amy’s cryogenic chamber and tried to kill her. Many other people on the ship died because of the same circumstances. It is really hard for Amy to fit in a world that was entirely different from her homeland but she attempts to adjust to her new circumstances.

Her struggle to cope with the many difficulties and to adapt to a changing environment is well explained in the book. The characters are thoroughly explained and discussed in detail. It makes it easy to digest and does not contain any ambiguity regarding the characters thoughts and intentions.

Final Say on The Novel Across the Universe

Across The Universe is a very well-formulated young adult fiction novel with an excellent plot and storyline. Beth Revis invested a lot of efforts to depict her thoughts into words which became evident in the characters of the book. However, the real dilemma comes quite late in the story due to which I found it a bit tedious to read in the beginning. That is why I rated the book as 6 out of 10. Will, I read this novel ever again? Probably not but it’s definitely a one-time read worth the time.

For The Latest Price: Across the Universe

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