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February 8, 2020
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Review, Summary, and Synopsis of the Novel Among The Barons

Yet another absorbing piece by Margaret Peterson Haddix, an American writer best known for her two children’s books. The book takes us to a time where the regime forbids the birth of children and if something like this happened their families had to secretly hide them. To control the issue of overpopulation the government only allowed two children per family. The story was considerably expressive and skillfully embedded with the problems of society, giving us a lot to think about.

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Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Pages: 182

Genre: Science/ Fiction/ Dystopian

Goodreads rating: 4.09/5

My Ratings: 8/10

For The Latest Price: Among the Barons

Review and Summary of the Fiction Novel Among the Barons

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

Luke Garner the Baron’s third child arrived from an influential baron family of that time. Luke spent many years in confinement because he was not supposed to be born.

After a long time, the family decided to present Luke to the world as Lee Grant, another child of the Baron who was presumably dead. Luke started going to school and finally had a normal teen like life. But life had different plans for him. Luke’s family sent Smits Grant the younger brother of the real Lee Grant to the same school Luke was attending. They then both pretended that they were brothers and created immense problems during upcoming events.

Smits had a very different personality than Luke. He would stop at nothing to achieve what he wanted. He was considerably sad when his brother died and resented the family’s decision to replace Lee with Luke. Hence as an act of rebellion, he tries to get away from his family and bodyguard. With the storyline coming into the light, we learn that Grants had a very complex and sinister plan behind giving Luke his fake identity. They did not even leave Smits out of their evil plans. Eventually, Smits and Luke got together to run away from this dark world and to save other illegal children who were destined to have the same fate as Luke’s.

Final Say on The Novel Among the Barons

Among the Barons is an intricately woven tale of deep secrets, chilling lies that entangled Luke and Smits in a web of conspiracy. The author superbly managed to express her thoughts on the measures to control the population and their aftermaths. The novel portrays that justice is served to even the most elite through falling prey to the very system that they had encouraged to build. It was a superb reading which I enjoyed and decided to give the book a rating of 8/10.

For The Latest Price: Among The Barons

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