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February 11, 2020
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Review, Summary, and Synopsis of the Novel Among the Betrayed

Among the Betrayed is a novel by none other than Margaret Peterson Haddix. It is one sequel of the series Shadow Children. The book focuses on a story involving a female lead Nina. This approach is in contrast with the other books where the author adopted a male protagonist point of view. Packed with great imagination, meaningful messages, this book conveys to us that human beings can achieve the impossible.

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Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Genre: Science/ Fiction/ Suspense

Pages: 156

Goodreads rating: 4.09/5

My Ratings: 8/10

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Review and Summary of the Science Fiction Novel Among the Betrayed

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

This novel starts through the eyes of another illegal child, Elodia Luria, who lived with her grandmother and three aunts. Even though she lived a comfortable life, she yearned for a free life. Using up all the little family savings, she bought a fake ID for herself and went to a school named Harlow school of girls.

 Elodia met Jason Barstow, a student of Hendricks school of boys and developed an affection for him. Little did she know that he will betray her by a person she trusts most. Empathising with all the shadow children like her, she looked for them in her school and provided help. Her activities soon came into light, and they blamed her for this ‘heinous’ act, and the person behind her betrayal was none other than the love of her life Jason. He was an agent of the population police who used to catch shadow children and kill them.

When she went to jail, the police officer interrogated her, and she realised his real name was Mr Talbot. They presented her with a choice to either save herself by betraying her cellmates or face the consequences along with them. As Nina was herself a shadow child, she could not give up her friends Percy, Alia and Matthias. Together they devised a plan of escape from the jail.

Mr Talbot’s identity also was too soon revealed. He was a double agent in the population police whose actual mission was to save these innocent children. After befriending him, Nina learned another truth and realised Jason did not betray her. There was somebody else in a facade who let Nina’s secret out. Nail-biting and nerve-racking sequences geared towards the end, making it an absolute joy to read.

Final Thoughts on the Novel Among the Betrayed

This sequel of the series lives up to its expectation. Margaret Peterson Haddix showed how active a person can be irrespective of their age if they are to survive in this cruel world. The author has displayed the wealth disparity which prevailed in those times. This comes highly recommended. Because of this novel’s suspense and interesting storyline, I confidently give the book a rating of 8 out of 10. I will definitely read it again.

For The Latest Price: Among the Betrayed

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