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February 8, 2020
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Review, Summary, and Synopsis of the Novel Among The Brave

Margaret Peterson Haddix, a famous writer of young adult science fiction, published a successful series “Shadow Children” of which Among The Brave is the fifth sequel. Describing an era in which the act of having more than two children was considered a crime; this sequel analyses the inequality created among different factions of society. Extreme inequality poses great hazards for society as a whole, as displayed in the plot of this novel. This novel is a tale of another journey of Luke Garner’s friend “Trey”. The story starts by showing that Trey was at Mr Talbot’s house, a double agent in population police who worked to safeguard the illegal children.

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Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Genre: Fiction/ Dystopian/ Love

Pages: 229

Goodreads Rating: 4.15/5

My Ratings: 9/10

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Review and Summary of the Fiction Novel Among The Brave

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

Trey quickly needed to use his sharp intellect and hide from the police when they decided to execute a raid at his house. During the time all of Trey’s friends were captured by the police including Mr Talbot.

After the raid, Trey comes to know that the reigning government was overflowed by the notorious police force and it was up to him to do something about the situation. He subsequently removed all the important documents from Mr Talbot’s house and went away to search for help. He discovered Mark elder brother of Luke and decided to visit the grant’s house. But to their utter dismay and shock, it has been turned into the police headquarters. Consequently, it was too late to turn back and escape. Both of them were taken into captivity.

The sinister turn of events impacted significantly on Trey and his friends. Trey’s extraordinary intelligence helped him to devise a plan to rescue all. He signed up an alliance with the police force and made a deal to save Mark. With the help of a rebel named Medley, he was able to execute his plan and rescue everybody from execution. But it was not the end. Trey considered a larger mission and aimed to eradicate the population for good so that they will be able to live a life of freedom.

Final Thoughts on The Novel Among The Brave

In this sequel, Margaret Peterson Haddix highlighted the theme of bravery and persistence. Also, how young souls gathered to fight the unjust and cruel practices of the government. The sequel successfully delivered for the purpose it was written for. Margaret aptly laid the foundations of the book, described the rebellion and the police force who wanted to erase the entire population of innocent children. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and I rated it 8/10.

For The Latest Price: Among The Brave

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