Dystopian Author Quotes

June 4, 2020

Philip Roth Dystopian Author Quotes#78

Philip Roth What I have in mind when I start to write could fit inside an acorn-an acorn, moreover, that rarely if ever grows into an […]
June 4, 2020

Philip Roth Dystopian Author Quotes#77

Philip Roth To read a novel requires a certain kind of concentration, focus, devotion to the reading. If you read a novel in more than two […]
June 4, 2020

Philip Roth Dystopian Author Quotes#76

Philip Roth I turn sentences around. That’s my life. I write a sentence and then I turn it around. Then I look at it and turn […]
June 4, 2020

Philip Roth Dystopian Author Quotes#75

Philip Roth Should you protect profits? Yes. But run for the hills? No.
June 4, 2020

Philip Roth Dystopian Author Quotes#74

Philip Roth I am marked like a road map from head to toe with my repressions. You can travel the length and breadth of my body […]
June 4, 2020

Philip Roth Dystopian Author Quotes#73

Philip Roth Dreams? If only they had been! But I don’t need dreams, Doctor, that’s why I hardly have them – because I have this life […]
June 4, 2020

Philip Roth Dystopian Author Quotes#72

Philip Roth Suicide is the role you write for yourself. You inhabit it and you enact it. All carefully staged — where they will find you […]
June 4, 2020

Philip Roth Dystopian Author Quotes#71

Philip Roth Literature got me into this mess and literature is going to have to get me out of it.
June 4, 2020

Philip Roth Dystopian Author Quotes#70

Philip Roth A Jewish man with parents alive is a fifteen-year-old boy, and will remain a fifteen-year-old boy until they die!
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