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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of the Novel “Champion’’

Champion is another book in the Legend series published by an American Novelist Marie Lu. The story revolves around two protagonists i.e. Day and June. In this episode, Day and Eden moved to San Francisco to get Eden’s plague treated. Day is being tormented with a deadly brain tumour that ruined his health even after being treated by the Republic’s doctors.  

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Author: Marie Lu

Genre: Science Fiction/ Dystopian Fiction

Pages: 369

Goodreads Rating: 4.36/5         

My Rating: 8/10

For The Latest Price: Champion

Review and Summary of the Dystopian Novel “Champion’’

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

June invites Day to the special banquet on the order of the Elector Anden. Anden wants to discover the cure for the plague and therefore wants Day to leave his brother for experiment and study purposes. However, Day refuses while June tries to convince him. In the meanwhile, June and Day go out for dinner when one of the colony attacks happen. June, Day and Eden are evacuated to the underground Bunker made for the Republic’s elite class.

June comes out with a remarkably brave and inspiring character as she fights for her country and even with challenging emotions in the end. She makes a strong choice at the cost of her happiness for the sake of Day’s comfort who is her first and last love. He is brave and humble and loves June with all his heart. He fights the battle like a champion not only with the rebels but with his dreadful disease as well and wins every other day till the end.  

Final Say on the Dystopian Novel “Champion’’

In my opinion, the novel is exceptional with a heartbreaking yet thoughtful ending. It is an action-packed story containing a bit of a romance making it exciting and interesting. The best thing about this novel is its ending that offers a mixture of different emotions. The content is engaging and emotional that will sometimes make you happy but other times make you sad. So I decided to rate the book 8 out of 10 as it kept me interested even after reading the book.

For The Latest Price: Champion

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