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Review, Summary, and Synopsis of the Novel Genesis

Genesis, a philosophical science fiction novel, written by Bernard Beckett, pinpoints at human nature and scientific innovations. It forces readers to ponder whether technology can replace humanity’s emotions and individuality.

The novel revolves around two different stories and eras. One is an ongoing story of Anaximander, and the other focuses on flashbacks of Anax and Adam. Anaximander carries a passion for discovery and real history. This comes with significant challenges.

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Author: Bernard Beckett

Genre: Dystopian / Science / Fiction

Pages: 150

Goodreads Ratings: 3.87/5

My Ratings: 8/10

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Review and Summary of the Science Fiction Novel Genesis

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

Anaximander, a new candidate, applies for a seat in the academy, the most prestigious institute on the island Republic. Anax experienced excitement after she received an interview opportunity to join a most elite academy. The island rebuild was the aftermath of a terrible apocalypse on earth. It was the only place left safe to inhibit. The ruling government cautiously protected it and practised extreme measures to maintain safety. No means to communicate with the outside world existed.

The story returns to Anax who chose a life of Adam Forde as a research topic. He represented a hero who defied the orders of the government. This happened by helping an estranged girl in the oceans and letting her on the island.

He experienced severe punishment for his actions, and they order him to take part in an artificial intelligence experiment. It required scientists to create intelligence similar to human beings. The artificial intelligence named ART, given the appearance of a monkey, present a class who hold actual conversations with Adam.

Adam opposed the idea feeling uncomfortable that the beings may take over humanity in total. Research and records displayed by Anax presented shocking results. Nobody would have guessed it was coming.

The interviewers declared that Anax had the same free and rebellious streak in her as her idol Adam. This whole process is to distinguish candidates who could be a threat to the government. Anax became a threat.

Final Thoughts on The Novel Genesis

It is an extraordinary work full of ideas and questions focused on humans, the origin of life and race, which differentiates us from technological inventions. The book offers philosophical queries and forces us to reconsider the human mind and its consciousness.

Providing loads of information about history without making it a drag is a commendable approach. An electrifying read with an outstanding ending. This book is worth reading.

For The Latest Price: Genesis

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