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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of the Fiction Novel, Heliopolis.

The famous novelist Ernst Junger wrote the dystopian novel, Heliopolis, and published it in 1949. This very novel reconstructs the bridge between speculative fiction and philosophic thoughts. The novelist adopted a lot of names and topics from his earlier book named On the Marble Cliffs. The first addition became published by Heliopolis Verlag.

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Author:  Ernst Junger

Genre:  Dystopia

Page:  389

Good reads rating:  4.1 of 5

My Rating:  8.4 of 10

Published:  1988

Publisher:  LGF

Language:  French

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Review and Summary of Heliopolis by Ernst Junger.

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

The author wrote this novel with all expectations and hopes to show people about the futility of the war and the after-effect of it. The narrative aimed to provide people with an insight into the occurrences of war but received limited success. Although remembered by its readers.

The story starts in the future and describes Heliopolis as a metropolis of the Mediterranean countries. It had a lot of areas and regions in it. According to Greek mythology, the Hesperides illustrated that regions occur in the far west of the world. The people of the country according to the book discovered new areas but still need to determine the exact locations. The author referred to the countries as Asturia, Parsi and the Mauretanians and aimed to hide the locations he wanted to describe. He portrayed a character named Lucius de Geer who became the commander of the internal battle between the country master and the land revenue.

Final Say on the Fiction Novel, Heliopolis.

In the dystopian novel of the famous author, Ernst Junger attempted to portray a fictional city named Heliopolis. The author showed the fight between the country master and the land reeve. He wrote this novel, taking the events of the war as a background setting. He attempted to show readers the futility of conflict. I rate this novel, 8.4 out of 10. Would I re-read the novel? Yes. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

For The Latest Price: Heliopolis

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