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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of The Science Fiction Novel Incarceron

Catherine Fisher wrote the science fiction novel named Incarceron. Fisher received popularity as a Welsh children’s novelist and writes in English. She wanted to publish a novel about prison and the automated world. The New York Times listed the book on their children’s bestseller list. Publically, the book received recognition as a must-read and collected highly positive reviews from various critics.

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Author: Catherine Fisher

Genre: Science fiction, young adult fantasy

Pages: 442

Good reads rating: 3.64 of 5

My Ratings: 7.4 of 10

Published: 2007 (Original publication)

Publisher:  Firebird; unknown edition (February 8, 2011)

Language: English

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Review and Summary of The Science Fiction Novel Incarceron

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***


The novel revolves around the two adolescents, Finn and Claudia. Finn is an adolescent boy living in Incarceron who wonders about his life and the reason for his existence. Claudia, the daughter of the Warden of Incarceron, lives in the outside world. The people in Incarceron experience control over them by cameras and glowing red lights. Escape from Incarceron seems an unbelievable thing on which very few believe. Creators of Incarceron intended to incarcerate all the criminals in the world and correct their moral values and make society perfect.

Initially, the Incarceron intended to present a utopian paradise and aim to provide free education and healthcare services to everyone. The Sapieniti changed into prisoners, away from all the world to form part of planned experiments and dependency on the Warden of Incarceron to survive. People inside cannot escape and it turned into a ruthless jail as presented in the book. Incarceron is a vast place with villages, forests, cells, and corridors.

Finn cannot remember his childhood, Claudia lives outside and wants to escape an arranged marriage to Prince. His father arranged it, the Warden of the Incarceron. Finn and Claudia find a key to communication somehow. Finn has a tattoo of an eagle on his wrist and he discovers a crystal clear key, the same of his tattoo. Claudia became tired of the dominancy and secrecy of his father and barged into the room to find a crystal clear key. This offers a link with the key of Finn and this is how they started engaging with each other and Finn’s escape plan comes into power.

Finn escaped to the outside world and they recognise him as a long-lost prince.

Final Say on The Science Fiction Novel Incarceron

The novel is a bestseller for various reasons. The book presents an exciting and terrifying story of a futuristic prison and the struggles to escape from the environment. The book receives my ratings of 7.8 out of 10. Would I re-read this novel? No. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

For The Latest Price: Incarceron

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