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January 21, 2020
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January 21, 2020

Janusz Andrzej Zajdel (1938-1985) received popularity as a Polish science fiction book writer and novelist. His publications focused on dystopia and various social science fiction environments. Zajdel’s fictional novels concentrated on and described the establishment of Space Labour Camps or Red Space Republics. He attempted to make sense of it all in his books. Some social-science fiction novels Zajdel published included Limes Inferior (1982), Coming out of the Shadow (1983) and Paradyzia (Paradise) in 1984. Zaidel born in Warsaw, Poland finalised his academic career at the University of Warsaw and accepted a position as a radiological engineer at the Central Laboratory of Radiological Protection in Poland.

Zaidel received recognition as the second popular science fiction author in Poland after Stanislaw Lem. The Polish fantasy and science fiction fandom set up a new annual award introduced as Sfinks. Zaidel became the first winner of the award for his 1984 Paradyzia novel.

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