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January 21, 2020
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January 21, 2020

Jerzy Żuławski (1874-1915) received popularity as a Polish writer, translator, and philosopher. He especially gained popularity after the publication of his science fiction series named The Lunar Trilogy or Trylogia Księżycowa in Polish between 1901 to 1911. Żuławski received education at diverse schools in Bochnia, Limanowa, and Kraków. He also studied in Switzerland between 1892 to 1899, where he joined the University of Zurich. He derived from a strong nationalistic supported Polish family from Lipowiec. Żuławski started with a doctor’s degree in philosophy at the University of Bern. Unfortunately, his mentor Richard Avenarius, who also supported a positivist philosophy passed away in 1896. This happened before Żuławski could finish his thesis. Das Problem der Kausalität bei Spinoza became published in Bern during 1899. Żuławski shaped the philosophical thinking which he referred to as synthetic monism.

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