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Review, Summary, and Synopsis of The Novel Life as We Knew It

The book recounts the events and the chilling course Miranda‘s life took after an asteroid hits the moon and brings it closer to earth. Through her entries in her diary, Susan Beth Pfeffer wrote an engaging and a relatable piece about when a disaster hits a family and how they survive through it.

A 16-year-old Miranda, like any other teen living an ordinary life, was only concerned about her grades and the situation with her father’s second wife Lisa. Life was going along fine when the news of an asteroid crashing in the moon caught everyone’s attention and turned her life upside down. 

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Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 337

Goodreads Rating: 3.89/5

My ratings: 7/10

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Review and Summary of the Fiction Novel Life as We Knew It

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

All the astrologists and meteorologists engaged in their calculations suddenly realised the impact of the hit. When the asteroid hits the moon, the scientists admitted their estimations went wrong and the collision of the asteroid had a much larger impact than expected.

Suddenly Miranda‘s life turned completely upside down. Because of the collision, the moon had moved closer to the earth, causing significant alterations in the weather and conditions of the people living in Pennsylvania. Tsunamis and earthquakes happened in every coastal area. Volcanic eruptions happened in inland areas. The result of the catastrophe caused havoc everywhere. Communities experienced food shortages, shops closed down, and people lost everything.

Miranda’s brother, who studied in a college, returned to help his family in these disastrous times. The extreme shifts in the climate shut down the community’s ability to grow food. The family started eating less and less so they could prolong their survival. When winter arrived, the conditions became harsher, the cold and snowy weather reached extreme levels and inflicting everyone with deadly diseases.

Many people died, and others left town. Miranda and her family felt all alone in their struggle to survive. As a last futile attempt to get more food for her family, Miranda went out in the cold weather to search for food. She was about to give up when she noticed a little piece of paper directing her to a church where the mayor was distributing food for the people. A miracle occurred, saving the life of Miranda’s family.

Final Say on The Novel Life as We Knew It

A book with an interesting plot but with significant flaws. When I started reading it, I thought the author developed a good story, but I felt disappointed. All the storyline offered was an ordinary and repetitive description of Miranda’s family harsh living conditions.

Scientific facts described in this book became arguable, to an extent. Some parts of the book looked sweet and simple because Miranda’s young mind narrated them. Keeping this aside, a limited section of the book appealed to me.

For The Latest Price: Life as We Knew It

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