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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of Science Fiction Novel Logan’s Run

Logan’s Run, created in a dystopian ageist future society by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, became published in 1967. They base the novel on a story where everyone dies at 21 years to bring an equilibrium in population and consumption of resources.

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Author: William F. Nolan & George Clayton Johnson

Genre: Science Fiction

Pages: 148

Good reads rating: 3.67 of 5

My Ratings: 7.2 of 10

Published: 1967 (Original publication)

Publisher:  Bantam Books (May 1976)

Language: English

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Review and Summary of The Science Fiction Novel Logan’s Run

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

The story begins in the year 2116 when the age of people become strictly managed. When a person turns 21 years of age, it is his last day; it requires the person to report to the Sleepshop where they execute them with toxic gas. They know the age of a person through a palm flower crystal embedded in the right hand of the person.

They know this when the crystal changes its colour every seven-year. Its yellow from the age of zero to six turns blue from the age of 7 to 13 and changes to red from 14 years to 20 years. On the last day, the crystal keeps on blinking to red and black. When a person turns 21, his crystal turns totally black.

People who do not report to Sleepshop become known as Runners. They live freely in the sanctuary and do not obey the rules of society. Runners become terminated by Logan 3 a Deep Sleep Operative also known as Sandman. He uses a gun to shoot people, which leads to the self-destruction of people. They also use a weapon known as Homer, which causes pain in every nerve of the body and results in the target’s death. Runners feel extremely terrified of Homer.

When it’s the last day of Sandmen, he becomes a runner. After he runs, he develops sympathy for runners and becomes their traditional hero. Jessica 6, another Runner helps Logan. The book covers different events which led to Logan keeping the crystal from changing colour. What happens next is a mystery and readers must read to find out more.

Final Say on The Science Fiction Novel Logan’s Run

The novel receives my rating of 7.2 out of 10 because it speaks against overpopulation and consumption of resources in a peculiar manner. Would I re-read this novel? No. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

For The Latest Price: Logan’s Run

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