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February 29, 2020
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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of Science Fiction Novel Los Angeles A.D. 2017.

Philip Gordon Wylie, an American author with admirable intelligence, wrote a diversity of novels and screenplays. His exceptional works influenced several 20th centuries stories, for example, the 1930s Gladiator. His outstanding work on The Disappearance strengthens the voice for women’s rights and feminism. Los Angeles A.D. 2017 also offers a work of environmentalism based on his teleplay written for 1970s TV series The Name of the Game.

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Author: Philip Wylie

Genre: Science Fiction

Pages: 221

Good reads rating: 2.67 of 5

My Ratings: 5 of 10

Published: 1971

Publisher: Glenn Howard

Language: English

For The Latest Price: Los Angeles A.D. 2017

Review and Summary of Science Fiction Novel Los Angeles A.D. 2017.

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

The protagonist of this novel is Glenn Howard, a magazine publisher who wakes up after forty years of sleep in a future when the year is 2017. The story begins as Howard drives back from a secret meeting of industrialists, scientists and officials of the military regarding the environment. He became worried about their plans regarding the environmental movement. On his way, he informs the President via a voice note about the meeting and asks to meet with him. All this time he appears exhausted and at one point he fell asleep in his car pulling the vehicle to aside.

The story continues as he wakes up to the voices of two men wearing portable gas masks. They took him out of his car, put a portable on him and transfers him to their wagon. He came to his senses and noticed the weird room with mysterious sounds and a man sitting in front of him in a tux. He asks him where he is and became frightened to know that he slept for forty years. It is now the year 2017.

The entire world is now in ruins and he is in an underground city. There is no government but the corporate masters who rule the city. He realised that the planet became destroyed years ago after all the oxygen-producing green plants vanished and died off. All the attempts to make the environment safe with sprays and chemicals leaves poisonous air and no survival.

The people escaped and survive to build underground cities with the help of science and technology to survive. In these cities, the psychiatrists were the police officers, and genetic matching strictly controlled the population to avoid birth defects. If a person gets old or is of no use or born with a birth defect, he becomes mercilessly erased. All of this was very unsettling for him, as he was the publisher. An influencer of his time, the corporate masters ruling the cities asked him to join the elite class. They asked for help to use his magazine and make people realise that their so-called perfect world is way better than the real world.

Howard becomes noticed to escape the underground city with the help of some rebel community in favour of the natural real-world. They wanted to protect the planet from more destruction and rebelled against the not so perfect world. The city management captured them. Howard wakes up while a police officer stands over his head asking if his ok. He realises all of this was just a dream.

Final Say on the Science Fiction Novel Los Angeles A.D. 2017.

The novel depicts the broad and keen foresightedness of the author. It warns people about the dangers of pollution and contamination in the shape of pollutants, toxins and waste. I rate this novel 5 out of 10. Would I re-read this novel? No. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

For The Latest Price: Los Angeles A.D. 2017

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