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January 21, 2020
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January 21, 2020

Matthew Phipps Shiell (1865-1947) popularly known as M. P. Shiel received recognition as a British writer. Shiell continued to use Shiel as his pen name during the publication of his books. His books followed the scientific and supernatural genres noticeable in his novels, short stories and series. Some of his popular books include The Purple Cloud (1901) and became revised in 1929. Born on the island of Montserrat, in the West Indies, Shiell received his education at Harrison College in Barbados.

He moved to England in 1885, where he formally adopted his Shiel pen name. He worked as a translator and teacher and produced short stories in The Strand Magazine. His first novel The Rajah’s Sapphire became published in 1896. Shiell received credits for his posthumous collections named Prince Zaleski and Cummings King Monk (1977) and Xelucha and Others (1975). Other novels include The Lord of the Sea (1901), The Dragon (1913), The New King (1981) and many more.

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