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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of the Young Adult Fiction Matched

Matched a book published by Ally Condie describes a tightly-controlled society where people are prevented from doing anything except what Government permits them to take part in. Government, controls their marriage, the food they eat, and the jobs they do. In this novel, our protagonist named Cassie presents a caring and soft-hearted character entangled in a mystery of her correct ‘’ match’’ suggested by the officials.

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Author: Ally Condie

Genre: Romance novel, Science Fiction, Young adult fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Dystopian Fiction

Pages: 335

Goodreads Rating: 3.67/5

My Rating:  9 out of 10 

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Review and Summary of the Dystopian Novel Matched

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

The story revolves around a 17-year old girl Cassie Maria Reyes, who lives in a futuristic ideal society but where Government controls all their citizens. The Government believes that the former disorderly culture requires a sense of control and it includes all aspects of their lives.

 The Government, therefore, decided to make only 100 things of each cultural element available to the citizens. These things included, for example, 100 poems, 100 books, and 100 songs and so on, so that they may forget about the former culture. The Government keeps an eye on every aspect of its citizen’s life through different techniques. They match the citizens with their life partners on their 17th birthday and during the matching banquet. It allows them to get married at the age of 21. The person spends the rest of their life with their correct match as decided by the Government.

The same thing happened with Cassia who attended a matching banquet and fortunately matched with her best friend Xander Carrow. Initially, she finds herself fortunate enough to match with her childhood friend who shares the same social circle with her. He seems a good boy but later on revealed a different personality than she knew. 

The twist arrived in the story when Cassia checks her memories through the device given by the Government. Also, another face appears instead of Xander’s who made her a bit confused about her match. The person she noticed on the device looked like Ky Markham, a citizen revoked person. It happened because of some illegal activities his father participated in. Later on, in the story, Cassia meets Ky Markham during hiking and he helps her to cover up diverse banned activities. They both start to fall in love with each other.

Final Say on the Novel Matched

This is a brilliant novel named Matched, I must say and therefore receives my support. The novel reveals Cassia’s realisation about the so-called utopian place she was living in beside the other challenges she faced. Also, the unfolding of the exciting truths associated with the characters provides an interesting read. The plotting, the characterisation and the storyline, all are impressive and I, therefore, suggest reading this exceptional novel.

For The Latest Price: Matched

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