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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of the Fiction Novel, Peace in Our Time.

Noel Coward published the novel, also presented as a drama in 1946. He received inspiration to write the story when the Nazi forces occupied France. The Gestapo placed Coward on their death list because they identified him as an English patriot. He took the title of the novel from Neville Chamberlain’s phrase, who was a conservative leader of the time. During the time the book and play remained unpopular but over time collected popularity because of the historical connections attached to the narrative.

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Author:  Noel Coward

Genre:  Fiction Novel

Page:  221

Good reads rating:  3.10 of 5

My Rating:  6.2 of 10

Published:  1948

Publisher:  Doubleday & Company, Inc

Language:  English

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Review and Summary of Peace in Our Time by Noel Coward.

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

The author wrote this drama with the aim to inform people about the Nazi regime and the impacts thereof in Europe. The first play performed at the Lyric Theatre in London in the year of 1947 and directed by Alan Webb. In the same year, they performed this drama in another theatre named Aldwych Theatre.

The author specifically focused on Europe’s social-political situation during the war times. Coward an anti-fascist never supported the Nazi people, and they enlisted his name on the death list. The author wanted to show the difficulty in his drama.

According to the characters of the play, the people lived with fear, as Nazi Germany won the war during the time. They also occupied the United Kingdom by invading it. It was a dark comedy as he tried to justice the whole situation not by a person but by his thought.

Final Say on the Fiction Novel, Peace In Our Time.

Like most historical authors, Noel Coward used writing to express personal thoughts and the impacts on society. He revealed his grief and his helplessness by portraying the characters of his novel. Though his novel received negative support during the time, it made history and remembered by followers over many years to come. By reading this novel, one experiences Europe’s challenges during the existence of the Nazi regime. If a reader wants to understand the post-war effects in Europe, this novel is a must-read. I rate this novel, 6.2 out of 10. Would I re-read the novel? Yes. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

For The Latest Price: Peace In Our Time.

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