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January 21, 2020
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January 21, 2020

Philip Gordon Wylie (1902-1971) received popularity as an American author. He focused on the mystery, social satire, ecology and pulp science fiction genres. Wylie wrote fiction and non-fiction books besides short stories, newspaper columns, and social critique. Besides, he published Hollywood screenplays and became the editor for Farrar and Rhinehart. Most of his popular works included references to ethnology, physics, biology, and psychology. Wylie published a range of novels, for example, Gladiator (1930), When Worlds Collide (1933), Night Unto Night (1944), Los Angeles: A.D. 2017 (1971) and many more. His first novel named The End of the Dream became published in 1972 and expects America facing an ecological cataclysm in the future.

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