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Review, Summary and Synopsis of the novel “Checkmate”.

Set in times when the society was sincere in racism and prejudice, Malorie Blackman furthers the story of Sephy and Callum by bringing in the narrative of their daughter Callie Rose. This book follows Naught and Crosses, features Rose battling with her past and looking forward in the future Rose hovers on the brink of making life-altering decisions. Malorie Blackman Having written over sixty books, she is a favourite writer with her audience.

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Author: Malorie Blackman

Genre: Fiction /Dystopian / Revenge

Pages: 511

Goodreads Rating: 4.18/5

My Ratings: 8/10

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Synopsis and Summary of the Fiction Novel “Checkmate”

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

Synopsis and Summary of the Fiction Novel “Checkmate”

The book showcases the different stages of Rose’s life. The story is told in the past and present with flashbacks to the past. Rose lived with her grandmother Meggie and her mother Sephy and was very close to them. Her mother had hidden the facts about her father’s life from her. She was in complete darkness about her father’s actual life. But when she met with Uncle Jude from her paternal side, her outlook towards the circumstances of her life changed.

Uncle Jude, acting as a villain in this story, fed her mind with lies about her mother and how she misused the privilege which she was given of a cross member of the society. It can be debated that Uncle Jude acted in such a way because he was tortured and had seen immense brutality with his family, but I fail to see this angle. He was using rose to take revenge from Sephy and her father.

Learning the truth about her father and how he died was the last straw in the strained relationship of Callie with her mother. Callie now broke all ties with her mother. In defiance, Callie joined the terrorist organization which her father was associated to destroy the lives of the crosses, especially her grandfather.

Sephy tries to win back Callie by having a heart to heart talk with her after being physically and emotionally drawn from her, but her efforts went in vain. As the upcoming events unfold, Callie rose is getting deeply involved in the world of her father which will expose her to extreme dangers. With the stakes so high Callie will have to rethink every step because a mistake will have inevitable consequences.

Final thoughts on the Novel “Checkmate”.

Another emotional eye-opener by Malorie Blackman she writes an utterly well-rounded novel with the central standout being her characterization. The characters of all the women are so strong, descriptive and relatable, making it a pure joy to read. The second book might have gone a bit boring, but with this one, Malorie did not go wrong. It was so captivating that it rebuilds the interest of the reader back into the series.

For the Latest Price: Checkmate by Malorie Blackman

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