Clash of Eagles by Leo Rutman – Dystopian Books Review

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Review of Clash of Eagles by Leo Rutman

Review, Synopsis and Summary of the Alternate History Novel Clash of Eagles

Leo Rutman’s Clash of Eagles is based in the 1940s, the time period when German Nazis were invading different places around the world. The book covers the life of major cities which has turned not less than a nightmare due to the ongoing chaos.

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Author:  Leo Rutman

Genre: alternate history

Pages: 544

Good reads rating:  3.59/5

My Rating: 7.1/10

Published: July 29, 1990

Publisher: Fawcett Publications

Language: English

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Synopsis and Summary of Alternate History Novel Clash of Eagles

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

Synopsis and Summary of Alternate History Novel Clash of Eagles

The story unfolds in December of 1941 and covers the topic of Nazi Germany. It has been shown in the novel that the Nazis have already overpowered the United Kingdom and are beginning an attack over the Atlantic. The German forces, under the leadership of Erwin Rommel, enter Quebec and have swept down countries including Canada, New England, Ohio and New York City. Also, the United States has been declared under German occupation.

Although the rest of the United States is still free, however, there are chances of many attacks. The President of the time Franklin D. Roosevelt along with the administration of the US government, have decided to evacuate Washington D. C. and move to California. Moreover, life in major cities of America is turning in to a nightmare because of this new Nazi government.

As time passes, people start a resistance movement. With every passing moment, the movement gets strong, as it is joined by the angry men and women belonging to casts including longshoremen, vagrants, laborers, socialites, gangsters, street hoods, and actresses. The angry people who have started the resistant movement are ready to die in order to rout the invaders. They will fight to the death to bring back their country from the Nazi regime.

Final Say on Alternate History Novel Clash of Eagles

As the story of Clash of Eagles unfolds, there are many events which have been highlighted which might have taken place, if Nazi Germans vanquished the big cities of the world. The story deserves my ratings of 7.1/10 as it is meant for people who are interested in alternative history. The Author Leo Rutman has covered many details and has done justice with the story. Although it gets a little boring in the middle, overall it is enjoyable to read. Would I re-read this novel? No. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

For the Latest Price:  Clash of Eagles

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