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Review, Synopsis and Summary of the Novel “Collaborator”

Collaborator” is a very famous novel written by Davies Murray, which won the Sidewise Award for Alternate history in 2003. Davies Murray gives us a very stark and an accurate picture of the difficult times that people have to go through in war times through this novel. This novel correctly justifies the author’s writing as one of the eloquent pieces of writing written on Alternate history. It’s a story of war prisoner under German military control and how his involvement with their government helped him set free.

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Author: Davies Murray

Genre: Alternate history/Fiction

Pages: 432

Goodreads Rating: 4.15/5

My Rating: 8.5/10

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Synopsis and Summary of the Dystopian Novel “Collaborator”

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

 Synopsis and Summary of the Dystopian Novel “Collaborator”

The novel starts by telling us about the arrival of Nick Penny, a former prisoner of war, in German-occupied Britain. Since he was a school teacher before Britain fall under the rule of Germans, he knew German. Therefore the German authorities employed him as a translator to the reigning military governor of that period.

Nick Penny was unhappy with the situation he found himself in because on one side, he was collaborating with the very people who caused his downfall and on the other hand, he felt he was betraying his own family and nation. Soon he met with his long-life friend, Roy Locke, who was involved in the resisting movements against the German rule which was turning deadlier with time. Quickly drawn into resistance himself, Nicky and Locke were joined by their other longtime friend Mati Codrington in the movement to over thaw the German rule.

As the novel unravels, the reader is drawn in the vicious cycle of how one has to collaborate with the government of that time. And then to set a limit to the involvement which one can allow for their conscience. The story then goes forward, telling us about the various resistance movements that Nicky was a part of. Along the course of the journey, they found out about the different leaks and the people who were double-crossing them in their efforts to put up a resistance against the government. With the German authorities after them, they race against time to find out the chief traitor among their group before their final plan collapses and the last ray of hope dies.

Final Thoughts on the Dystopian novel “Collaborator”.

The book “Collaborator “is a great read for people who are interested in reading historical novels with a fictional twist in them. The way Davies Murray has depicted his characters and the events show the depth of his writing and knowledge. Murray has shown the interpretations of the events through the different perspectives of the characters, which adds to the complexity and interest of the book. As with every good read, some of the negatives should be mentioned. Even though the author has shown the different point of views, the transition between them is not very clear, .leaving the reader quite confused at times. The facts of the history are directly taken up from there rather than being written by the author himself, which beats the fiction part of the novel to some extent. Other than that this book was delightful and I will consider it for future reading. 

For the Latest Price: Collaborator by Murray Davies

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