Dayworld by Philip José Farmer – Dystopian Books Review

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Review of Dayworld by Philip José Farmer

Review, Synopsis and Summary of Dayworld

Dayworld, a Science fiction novel written by Philip José Farmer, was published in 1985. This novel is the first of the Dayworld Tetralogy. The series is based on another short story by Philip José Farmer, ‘The Sliced-Crosswise Only-On-Tuesday World’. There are two sequels and one prequel to Dayworld.

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Author:  Philip José Farmer

Genre: Science Fiction/ Dystopia

Pages: 320

Goodreads Rating: 3.64/5

My Ratings: 7/10

Published: 1985

Publisher:  Putnam Publishing Group

Language: English

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Synopsis and Summary of Science Fiction Book Dayworld

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

Synopsis and Summary of Science Fiction Book Dayworld

The Dayworld Tetralogy novels named ‘Dayworld Rebel’ published in 1987, ‘Dayworld Breakup’ published in 1990, ‘Dayworld’ published in 1985 and Dayworld: A Hole in Wednesday published in 2016, revolve around dystopian future in which the world is so over-populated that problems of people are solved by allocating them just one day a week. In the rest of the days of the week, people are stoned or we can say they are suspended.

Jeff Caird who is the centre of series is actually a day breaker. He lives for more than a day in a week. Caird belongs to a government defying agency known as Immers, and hence he is not like the other day breakers. As a member of Immers, Jeff Caird is involved in making ways to establish a better government. However, among these Immers, most are not day breakers. Some people like Jeff have to be day breakers in order to get information from one day to another. So Jeff has to work every day.

Another interesting thing about the day breakers of Immers is that they have seven different personalities and seven different jobs in seven different days. They also have to change their culture every single day and they also slip in seven different worlds during a week.

Jeff, being involved in changing his personalities, jobs, culture, and worlds, is running into problems for keeping track of all his different lifestyles. This much stress makes Jeff unstable and now the Immers have to get rid of him so that they protect their rest of the day breakers. As Jeff wants to live his life, he tries to hide from the Immers, but it is difficult because there are Immers in every job and every agency. Although Jeff runs for his life but fails and is brought in an asylum for people with multiple personality disorder. He has to spend the rest of his life here, till the time he will be diagnosed as incurable and can be killed. Jeff, however, escapes with his proper planning

Final Say on Science Fiction Novel Dayworld

As the story unfolds, there are many mysteries and events which take place in this dystopian future. This tetralogy series deserves my ratings of 7/10 because it is a science fiction which describes the most haunting scenarios of overpopulation in future. The Author Philip José Farmer has put his heart in this story. It is a very amazing read and if I have to read it again, I surely will. It truly is a treat for my imaginations.

For the Latest Price: Dayworld by Philip José Farmer

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