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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of the Political Thriller ‘’Dominion’’

Dominion Novel by the author C.J. Sansom is a story about how World War 2 has influenced a lot of writers in history while C.J Sansom himself is one of them. Highly influenced and fascinated by the abuse of power that he wrote this Novel ‘’Dominion’’ featuring post-war Britain ruled by Nazi German ideology. The book has also won the Sidewise Award for Alternate History for depicting alternate history in 2013.

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Author:                C.J Sansom

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Alternate history, Historical Fiction, Political thriller

Pages: 608

Goodreads rating: 3.8/5

My Rating: 7 of 10 

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Synopsis and Summary of the Historical fiction ‘’Dominion’’

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

Synopsis and Summary of the Historical fiction ‘’Dominion’’

The novel is based on an alternate story that has to counteract the history by assuming the Prime minister is Neville Chamberlain rather than Winston Churchill. There have been a lot of other novels depicting this kind of alternate history but C.J Sansom has made this novel an award-winning political thriller that will definitely make you imagine the counteracts as facts.

In this historical fiction, C.J Sansom covers the conquest at the Dunkirk, Winston Churchill’s lead in the confrontation, Jews are being banished, Fascists are running the Government for years and David Fitzgerald, who is a civil servant is supposed to spy against his homeland. 

Sansom has jotted down the story of a morally strong man who is British with a half-Jewish identity. Sansom has described the characters with so much perfection that you will not find in other such novels based upon alternate politics and this is the reason you will keep on reading the novel even if you are not so interested in politics.

David hides his half-Jewish identity. The friend of David, i.e. Frank Muncaster is sent to a lunatic asylum because he had known one of the top scientific secrets due to which they all became vulnerable to the danger. Hitler is getting down day by day because of Parkinson’s disease and the British Government, which is run by Lord Beaverbrook, Oswald Mosley, and Enoch Powell is weak and never stand up for the British people.

Final Say on the Political Thriller ‘’Dominion’’

The novel is the must-buy if you have a great interest in history and politics but you may find it a bit boring and lengthy if you are not of political persuasion. The story has, indeed, an excellent plot that leads you to believe upon what is written even if it contradicts the real history. C.J Sansom has woven the characters with so much perfection that you will ignore the political realities. Sansom has impressively gone into the depth of the background that shakes historical presumptions and makes you stick to the novel until the end. Will, I reread this novel? Probably not, because it’s a good one time read.

For the Latest Price: Dominion by C.J. Sansom

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