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Review, Synopsis and Summary of the Dystopian Novel Caesar’s Column.

Ignatius Donnelly’s novel Caesar’s Column is a Science Fiction / Dystopian Novel and became published in 1890. In this story, a man arrives from a rural environment to join the brutal city life. He experiences city life’s corruptions firsthand and its destructions. This novel partly concerns the anti-Semitism, which became a debated question by the Populist movement. The Villian of this Novel is an Italian Jew and the identity of the protagonist seems confusing.

Author: Ignatius Donnelly

Genre: Science Fiction / Dystopian

 Pages: 280

 Goodreads Rating: 3.04 of 5

 My Rating: 6.1 of 10

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Review and Summary of the Dystopian Novel Caesar’s Column.

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

This Epistolary style novel describes where Gabriel Weltstein writes letters to his brother. He tells his brother about his New York experiences and the places he sees. Weltstein a wool merchant originated from Uganda and avoids dealing with the international cartel. He prefers to sell his wool directly to American Manufacturers and travels to New York by Airship. The city’s illumination seems brilliant, powered by drawing into the Aurora Borealis and the subways operate below transparent sidewalks. At the hotel, he finds a televised menu to guide him among exotic choices, from edible spiders to bird’s nests.

Everywhere readers find Televised newspapers to read. All these attractions make him run into trouble. He sees a coachman beating a beggar, and he rescues him. Coachman belongs to Prince Cabano who presents a prime figure of the ruling party. Weltstein follows the beggar and attempts to stay away from trouble.

He discovers the identity of the beggar named Max Petion, a leader of a secret resistance organisation known as the Brotherhood of Destruction. Weltstein reaches for Petion’s guidance and arrives at a proletarian society in New York City, where he learns the truth of oppressive social and economic order.

He meets the president of the brotherhood, and his physical appearance looks dangerous and ruthless. His image seems Italian- Negro. Weltstein and Petion both escape from New York to save their lives. The brotherhood of destruction organises a rebellion against the rulers. Technology produced modern weapons to bring destruction in the city, and New York faces enormous casualties. Smoke rises everywhere in the city. The leader of brotherhood becomes killed and people run for their lives. He and others escape for Uganda to start a peaceful life.

Final Say on the Dystopian Novel, Caesar’s Column.

I give this book a 6.1 out of 10 for the extensive and detailed plot the book presents. The narrative, however, includes elements of racism against Jews that appear troubling. I appreciated the variations of the story, and the writer encompassed many points of good literary work. He referred to the positives and negatives of technology and presents a balanced viewpoint in the novel. He defended the need for peace and happiness using an exceptional writing style.

For the Latest Price: Caesar’s Column

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