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Yusuke Kishi
January 21, 2020
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Review, Synopsis and Summary of the Novel Extras

Extras, written by Scott Westerfield is not a sequel to the trilogy of Ugliest, but we can call it an add-on to the series because the concept is indirectly related to it. After a few years when Tally Young Blood rescued the world from the plague of fake and extreme beauty standards, the futuristic world is now on another dangerous route of survival. A girl named Aya struggles to deal with a group of girls named “Sly Girls”. This is the story of her combat and survival.

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Author: Scott Westerfield

Genre: Science/ Fiction

Pages: 417

Good Reads Rating: 3.59/5

My Rating: 7/10

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Synopsis and summary of the Science Fiction Novel “Extras”.

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

Synopsis and summary of the Science Fiction Novel "Extras".

The story revolves around a girl named Aya who lives in a city in Japan. The society has adopted a unique way of sustaining. Survival depends on how popular you are in any way. It could be anything extraordinary which makes one successful such as technological innovations, different talents and in extreme cases, people could also be famous if they are very beautiful.

Aya, possessing nothing special, desires to be successful like her elder brother, who was a journalist reporting famous incidents. She also hoped that with the help of her brother she might come across a story which will enable her to join the ranks of elite and famous. When Aya comes across as a talented group of girls who could ride extremely fast-moving trains, she decided to use this to her advantage. She met the “sly girls”, but they ensured that Aya didn’t have her camera with her as they had no desire to get famous.

Without them knowing that Aya is deceiving them, they let her in their surfing sessions which were secretly being filmed, however, on the very first session they encounter a very strange happening. Some inhuman people were loading metal stuff in a room hidden underground. They conclude that these creatures wanted to destroy their city.

After some time the sly girls came to know that Aya was deceiving them, but they allowed her to tell her story to the world before they moved to another city, their identities remaining hidden. Aya releases the story in public, gaining enormous fame. But fame comes at a high price. Tally Youngblood contacted her informing that she is in danger. She was nearly caught by those strange creatures when tally arrived with her friends. In an attempt to learn about these species, tally allowed all of them to be kidnapped on purpose. What followed is a tale of violence and action with the tally which went on destroying these creatures, but Aya learned the truth just in time to stop tally from achieving her plan in destroying these inhuman people.

Final thoughts on the Science Fiction Novel ‘”Extras”.

The fast-paced and chilling storyline gets the adrenaline rushing with the new characters adding deep dimension into the series. Scott Westerfield, after exploring at what lengths one can go just to be beautiful, now explores the dynamics of fame and its implications on the actions of a human being. A storyline worth exploring this book will surely give you punches of heart-pounding adventure.

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