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Review, Synopsis and Summary of the novel” Farthing”.

Jo Walton is a Welsh, Canadian fantasy and science fiction writer and poet. She has won several awards for her phenomenal writing. Farthing is one of the many masterpieces written by her. It has been nominated for historic genre award for its gripping storyline. She has also included an angle of how a person’s sexuality can be used to blackmail people in a society which only accepted heterosexuality as a norm.

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Author: Jo Walton

Pages: 320

Genre: Fiction/ Dystopian/ Fantasy

Goodreads Rating: 3.81/5

My ratings: 8/10

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Synopsis and summary of the Dystopian novel “Farthing”.

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

Synopsis and summary of the Alternate history novel “Farthing".

A Scotland Yard officeris sent to investigate what seems a murder mystery at the face, but as he dwells further into it, he comes face to face with the dark and chilling political implications of it. Sir James Thirkie was a prominent member of the farthing set; a political and a diplomatic group which restored peace with Hitler. He was murdered in a gathering of these elite politicians in a country house.

Lucy Kahn, daughter of one of the members of the farthing set, had married a Jewish banker David Kahn was also invited along with her husband. Relations between the families were strained; that’s why she was very surprised when they were forcefully invited to the party. She quickly understood the reason for the invitation. The murder of Sir James was staged in such a manner that implied her Jewish husband was involved in it.

Peter Carmichael, who understood that David was being used as a pawn in this murder case, went against all the odds to prove his innocence. But with the notorious politicians and the system against him, Lucy and David, the path of truth and justice were filled with huge hurdles and danger. Peter’s secrets about his sexual identity also came in the way of proving that David was not guilty. More than just a murder mystery novel, Farthing encompasses all the elements of a great novel, a sinister tale of evilness and the people who decide to take a stand against it.

Final thoughts on Dystopian Novel “Farthing”.

This book did not disappoint its readers as Jo Walton has delivered a beautifully written world of history amalgamated with romance and mystery.it has all the ingredients of an amazing read, layered with depth. From a simple murder mystery, it goes right inside the world of corrupted politics and the length to which people will go to safeguard their interest. It was termed parallel to the works of Agatha Christie, Josephine Jay and Dorothy Sayers because of mysterious sound angle to it. Critics do question how Walton has carried the script along with the novel, but the different twists and turns guarantee a very compelling read, and I will rate it an 8.5/10.

For the Latest Price:  Farthing by Jo Walton

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