Fatherland by Robert Harris – Dystopian Books Review

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Review of Fatherland by Robert Harris

Review, Summary and Synopsis of Fatherland

Robert Harris authored the alternative history detective novel Fatherland in 1992. The book is written in the background where Nazi Germany has won World War II. The story starts in April 1964, just before a week of Adolf Hitler’s 75th Birthday.

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Author:  Robert Harris

Genre: Alternative History/ Detective/ Thriller

Pages: 372

Good reads rating:  3.98/5

My Ratings: 6/10

Published: 7 May 1992

Publisher: Hutchinson

Language: English

For the Latest Price: Fatherland by Robert Harris

Synopsis and Summary of Alternative History Novel Fatherland

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

Synopsis and Summary of Alternative History Novel Fatherland

A bombastic novel about Nazi Germany, Fatherland was published in 1992. The plot of the book starts in April 1964, when the 75th birthday of Adolf Hitler is just about to come. Xavier March is a detective and is working on the investigation of Kriminalpolizei or commonly known as Kripo. There he is given the task of investigation of a suspicious death of Josef Bühler, who is a highly ranked Nazi. He died on the outskirts of Berlin.

While Xavier is investigating the details of this suspicious death, he finds out that he has been caught up in a political scandal in which senior Nazi officials are staged to kill. As soon as the Krip identifies the body, they are asked to close the investigation. The story continues with March meeting Charlotte Charlie Maguire, who is an American journalist and is also investigating the case.

These two work together and find out the truth about the staged murders. The head of SS has also ordered to kill the rest of the officials as the Final Solution. Moreover, the officials have to be killed at earliest in order to safeguard the upcoming meeting between Adolf Hitler and the President of the United States, Joseph P. Kennedy.

As the events unfold, March gets locked down. Although tortured, he did not reveal the location of Maguire. As the story moves further, March gets rescued by the Kripo Chief Arthur Nebe in order to track March, because he would be meeting Maguire right after his release. March finds out what’s happening and leads the authorities in the wrong direction.

Final Say on Alternative History Novel Fatherland

Whether these two would be able to uncover the truth and bring it out to authorities or not? Read the story to find it out. There are amazing turns in the novel and you will be surprised by some of the happenings. It surely deserves my rating of 6/10. Would I re-read this novel? No. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

For the Latest Price: Fatherland by Robert Harris

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