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Review, Synopsis and Summary of Mockingbird

Written by Walter Tevis, this science fiction novel published in 1980 and received a nomination for the Nebula award for the best novel. The main character, the dean of New York University attempts suicide and failed. As the story unfolds, different events took place.

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Author:  Walter Tevis

Genre: Science Fiction

Pages: 247

Good reads rating:  4.13/5

My Rating: 8.1/10

Published: 1980

Publisher: Doubleday

Language: English

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Review and Summary of Science fiction novel Mockingbird

***Warning Spoilers***

Spofforth, the dean of New York University, an android is the main lead of Mockingbird. He has lived for centuries and wants to die. The novel starts as he plans to commit suicide, but fails. Spofforth hires a teacher, Paul Bentley, in New York University. Bentley is self-taught to read a Rosetta stone. He then discovers a film with words which match with the children’s primer. Because of the knowledge of Paul Bentley, Spofforth dislikes him.

Bentley asks Spofforth to give him a job where he can use this ability. However, since Spofforth did not like him, he offers him a job of decoding the written titles of ancient silent films.

Mary Lou meets Bentley in a zoo and teaches him the concept of reading. Both start working over literacy. When Spofforth comes to know of this, he sends Bentley to jail for the crime of reading and makes Mary Lou a housemate.

The book ends as Bentley escaped from the prison and follows the journey of discovery. He then meets Mary Lou and both of them help Spofforth in committing suicide.

Final Say on Science Fiction Novel Mocking Bird

This novel deserves my rating of 8.1/10 because it focuses on a dystopian future related to science fiction. The author Walter Tevis has covered this topic beautifully. However, as the end of the novel approaches, it becomes a little dull and the story becomes predictable. Having said that overall it is a very enjoyable read and I will never regret reading this novel. Would I re-read this novel? No. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

For the Latest Price: Mockingbird

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