January 21, 2020
Harry Sinclair Lewis
January 21, 2020

Scott David Westerfeld (1963) received popularity as an American writer. He focuses on the young adult fiction environment and received significant recognition for his Leviathan and Uglies Series. Born in Dallas, Texas, Westerfeld moved to Connecticut after his father accepted a job as a computer programmer. Westerfeld received his education from Vassar College in Philosophy during 1985. He also presented a passion for music and started composing at a young age. Besides the Uglies series, Westerfeld published other works as well for example The Risen Empire (2003), The Killing of Worlds (2003) and Afterworlds (2014).

Westerfeld also wrote the Leviathan series that presents an alternate history approach set in the 1st World War. It comprises Behemoth (2010), Goliath (2011) and Leviathan (2009). Some of his books became noticed for possible film productions for example So Yesterday and The Uglies series. He received a range of awards, including the Locus and Aurealis Awards. Also received recognition on the New York Times Notable book list and the American Library Association.

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