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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of the Novel Series Silo

Silo is the series of dystopian novels written by Hugh Howey. The series constitutes of different stories unfolding the mysteries of Silo. It’s a dystopian series of Post-Apocalyptic stories. It is a place, a subterranean city giving rise to the one hundred and forty-four stories. The series starts with the most-liked character Holston who is the Sheriff of the Silo followed by several volumes featuring Juliette, Jahns and Marines. All the stories revolve around the life of Silo, the secrets and the mysteries this land holds. The first five books hold these mysteries, but it gets disclosed at the end of book five. All the books have closely interlinked the storylines together.

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Author: Hugh Howey

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic/ Science Fiction/ Dystopian Fiction

Pages: 509

Goodreads Rating: 4.25 of 5         

My Rating: 8 of 10 

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Review and Summary of the Dystopian Series Silo

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

The most popular storylines are Wool, Shift, Dust containing several storybooks i.e. Holston, Proper gauge, Casting off, The Stranded, Legacy, Order, Pact and the last part is the Dust. The Holston is the story featuring the Sheriff’s life. In the story, his wife ‘Allison’ dies. The name ‘Wool’ came from the cloth given to her for cleaning during the sentence for cleaning the cameras and external sensors of Silo.

After the death of his wife, once he became severely depressed and performed the ritual of the cleaning of cameras and sensors and walked over the hill where his wife died. He used to see what the fake visual used to show him that is the lush green countryside, but it was actually the abandoned wasteland. As Holston did not actually know that, he took off his helmet in order to get fresh air and fallen down next to his wife’s rotten dead body where he died because of suffocation.

Proper gauge is the story portraying the relationship of Jahns, who is the Silo’s mayor and Marines, the deputy sheriff. Juliette continues the story in Casting Off and keep exploring the mysteries of Silo. The mystery of the Silo revealed at the end of the 5th novel featuring the growing relationship between Lucas, who is a young astronomer and Juliette.

Legacy contains the story told by Donald Keene, who is a congressman and Troy who is a Silo chief. The order has few old characters and a few new like Mission where they are fighting the battle for their survival in Silo.

Final Say on The Dystopian series of novels Silo

I rated it as 8 out of 10 because it comprises a lot of stunning stories that unfold the mysterious land of Silo. The books will compel you to read until the end. Will I read this book again? Yes, but a few years later. 

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