The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey – Dystopian Books Review

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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of the Novel “The 5th Wave’’

The 5th Wave is a young adult science fiction novel published by an American novelist named Rick Yancey. The novel is the first part of ”’The 5th Wave Trilogy’’ that revolves around the 16-year-old protagonist named Cassie Sulivan who lives in a dystopian world devastated by the alien invasion. The aliens killed the human population and Cassie is one of the last few humans on earth. The novel tells the story of her survival on this devastated land.

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Author: Rick Yancey

Genre: Science Fiction/ Dystopian Fiction

Pages: 457

Goodreads Rating: 4.07/5

My Rating: 8/10

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Review and Summary of the Dystopian Novel “The 5th Wave’’

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

In this novel, the human race experience devastation because of the continuous occurrences of deadly waves. The first wave takes all the power from the electrical instruments, vehicles and means of transportation so the cars get stopped and the aeroplanes get crashed causing about half a million people to die. The second wave brings fierce tsunamis wiping out three billion people of the earth as the aliens drop the heaviest and the tallest rods on the earth. The third wave is designed to bring a serious virus to the land by use of the carrier birds.

The virus named Plague wipes out the 97% of the remaining survivors on this devastated land. The people who get infected by this virus excessively bleed till death and in the last stage explode and spread this virus to the remaining human race. In the fourth wave, the aliens impersonate the humans and kill numbers of remaining survivors in the camps where Cassie’s father is also killed. The final wave is designed simply to take the remaining human lives. Cassie loses her mother in the 3rd wave and father in the 4th.

Her brother gets abducted by the aliens during the 5th wave and she is the only survivor of the family. She desperately misses her family and wants to reunite with her brother as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, she meets Evan Walker who is the protagonist of the novel. Evan Walker promises Cassie to rescue her brother and her from the aliens and provide support throughout the story. Later on, she realises that Evan is the real hero who subsequently saves Cassie and the others. However, Cassie is not aware of the treacherous plan the invaders plan to execute.

Final Say on the Dystopian Novel “The 5th Wave’’

In my opinion, the book offers a good plot and an interesting storyline that engages kids in action and thrill. Those who love ‘The Hunger games’’ and the ‘’Divergent’’ will surely become the die-hard fans of this novel as well. It’s a remarkable piece of writing that will keep you interested till the end and this is the reason why I rated it 8 out of 10.    

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