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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of The Domination

The Domination offers a series of books and this specific story happens around a place named Draka. The storyline focuses on Draka (later The Domination), a totalitarian, expansionist nation founded in South Africa. Draka located in South Africa became occupied by British pilgrims. They are subsequently threatened by German forces that move swiftly while they conquer land and settlements. The storyline presents an alternate but interesting historical approach.

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Author: S. M. Stirling

Genre: Alternate History

Pages: 4 books

Goodreads Rating: 3.77 of 5

My Rating: 8 of 10

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Review and Summary of the Domination

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

In this alternate series, the loyalist slaveholders who originated after the American revolution moved to South Africa and created a slaveholding society who focused on conquering lands. The setting is in World War I and II and the first book named Marching through Georgia sets the background of the storyline. They march against the Nazi movement, and with their superior weapons, they take over Africa and Asia. An airborne unit attempts to hold a mountain pass against the Germans, in a place known as Ossetia.

The second book is known as Under the Yoke, the third is known as the Stone Dogs, and the last one is known as Drakon.

The Draka is taken from the Cape of Good Hope and contains the power of this subcontinent, Southern Africa. Soon burning anger and limitless ambition encouraged the development of the people who are referred to as the Draka in the book.

It is in this place that they build the Domination, a kingdom of a vast amount of wealth and savagery, captured through conquest and slavery. The supercolony grows until it spans into the African continent and also a significant territory of Asia. Germany and the Soviet Union fought against each other in the Eurasian War, and the Draka marched in, departing the Domination with territories extending from the English Channel up to the Chinese Sea. The only hope for the people was the United States and their allies who stood between the Draka and their brutal dream of a world that is full of enslaved humanity.

Soon, the Draka mastered the vehicle of life itself, becoming proficient at biotechnology until they could create the new required species. They also mastered the ability to take this new species and convert themselves into the Master Race of their wicked dreams.

The Alliance for Democracy travels a different path, into the mysteries of the physical universe and the knowledge-based on such mastery and technology.

Final Say on The Domination

A good omnibus of books, that leads us to the Drakan rule, and steam-powered vehicles, demonstrating the technological powers that existed. It is a book that holds a lot of drama, and a fair number of twists and turns, and will definitely leave a reader appreciative of the good quality.

For The Latest Price: The Domination

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