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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of the Dystopian Novel The Fixed Period

Anthony Trollope’s novel The Fixed Period is a Satirical / Dystopian novel published in 1882. In this novel, Trollope presented a former British colony which is now independent. But it kept British law and customs along with a currency of Great Briton. It is an agrarian society whose wealth focuses on sheep farming and the wool trade.

There was no concept of New Woman and feminism in the country. Women used to live like old Victorian period women. It represents the story through metaphor and symbolism in quite an extraordinary way.

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Author: Anthony Trollope

Genre: Satire / Dystopian

 Pages: 207

 Goodreads Rating: 3.12 of 5

 My Rating: 6.5 of 10

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Review and Summary of the Dystopian Novel The Fixed Period

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

Gabriel Crasweller was a successful merchant-farmer and landowner of Britannula. He was born in 1913 and emigrated from New Zealand when he was a young man. In his youth, he helped to build the new republic. His friend Neverbend ten years younger than him also agreed to his idea and stood with him. Neverbend was President of Britannula in the story. Decades ago Crasweller also voted in favour of the law which introduced Fixed Period, but this law became the reason for his deposition. When he was President and time became near for his deposition, he started claiming that he was one year younger than his real age.

Neverbend thought history would remember him as a reformer as he was about to bring an extraordinary change through the deposition of the old President. Neverbend thought it was a significant step to bring in humanity. He also thought civilisation achieved an enormous step ahead from where they were standing now. But he also considered it unfortunate as his friend Crasweller was the first monarch earmarked for deposition. Crasweller opposed this change and wanted to stay on the throne, but even his wife and daughter turned against him.

At last, he yielded, When Neverbend received the crown after a few moments and the British Army reached them. They deposed Neverbend from his position and took him with them to England. On the way to England, he started writing the history of Briannula that he finished two days before reaching to country. He thought that would he receive good treatment in the old country.

Final Say on the Dystopian Novel The Fixed Period

This novel presents a good storyline and uses strong characters, a straightforward plot, and an appraisable satire. He presented two people as two countries, one as England who colonised the other country and always interested in extending their stay through different excuses. Second, as a colonised country who chooses to get rid of England, depose the old country’s law because they want to reform and prosper, but England keeps coming back.

As the story moves forward, so it misses a few imaginative needs. This novel receives a 6.5 out of 10. You will enjoy reading this novel because of the profound but simple story it presents.

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