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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of Science Fiction Novel The Foundation Pit.

Andrei Platonovich Kilmentov, a Russian author, novelist, and journalist known for his rebellious spirit, reflected in his work too. The Foundation Pit presents one of his overly political books and written in the criticism of Joseph Stalin’s policies regarding collectivisation. This book became censored until 1987 in the Soviet Union. Being a literary masterpiece, they translated this book into English.

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Author: Andrei Platonov

Genre: Dystopian Fiction

Page count: 150

Good reads rating: 3.75/5

My Ratings: 7.25/10

Published: 1930 (Original publication)

Publisher: NYRB Classics; New York Review Books Classics edition (April 21, 2009)

Language: Russian

For The Latest Price: The Foundation Pit.

Review and Summary of Science Fiction Novel The Foundation Pit.

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

This book themed on the state-maneuvered dystopia revolves around a group of workers living in the Soviet Union. The novel involves many characters including its protagonist, a man named- Voschev, who works in a factory but because of his lack of responsibility towards his work, they fire him from his job. The reason behind his idleness and procrastination is that he is constantly busy in his thoughts about finding the true connotation of life. He comprises a soft heart for children and believes that no bright or growing future exists in the Soviet Union.  Voschev registers himself as part of a group of workers who works day and night. They dig a massive pit that forms part of a housing construction.

The supervisor of the group is a man Prushevesky, who just like Voschev struggles to understand the meaning of life. The other workers, including Safronov, who is the most active worker, always complain when management stops them to work. Kozlov, a man mocked for masturbating habitually and Chiklin, a typical worker at the site who reduces the effort of digging becomes confronted by Safronov for thinking out of the box.

The story undergoes many events with Kozlov and Safronov being murdered in the village. Also, the setting of a series of conflicts between the peasants, activist (an unnamed organiser of the union) and the workers. Chiklin kills the activist and Nastya dies of cold, the story ends with Chiklin digging a grave for her where she can remain untouched by humans and the worms.

Final Say on Science Fiction Novel The Foundation Pit.

This novel receives my rating of 7.25 out of 10 because it depicts a very philosophical view. It focuses on the manner society creates an immense mass grave for themselves. Would I re-read the novel? No. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

For The Latest Price: The Foundation Pit.

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