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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of the Dystopian Fiction The Heart Goes Last

Margaret Atwood is a renowned name among the contemporary writers who completed over 50 blockbusters. The Heart Goes Last is also one of her hits. The story revolves around the phases of growth and decline, liberty and spying, struggle and hope in the human heart.

The story describes how foolishly a desperate heart can act when deprived of their belongings. It unfolds the series of incidents making up guiltiness, uncertainty, suffering and sexual desires which overwhelmed the couple during the whole story.

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Author: Margaret Atwood

Genre: Fiction/Dystopian

Pages: 320

Goodreads Rating: 3.37/5

My Rating:  7 out of 10 

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Synopsis and Summary of the Novel the Heart Goes Last

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

The story starts with Stan and Charmain, who are a young couple who suffered a loss of their job and their home because of the country’s economic and financial collapse. It forces people deprived of their financial assets to sell their organs to survive. When the couple lost their home and job, they started living in their car and became vulnerable to many societal dangers. In this novel, Margaret Atwood phenomenally depicts how one can make a compromise and kill what he loves the most for the sake of survival.

One day Charmain sees an advertisement about the Positron Project promising the people to give them what they wanted. To fulfil their desire for a peaceful and wealthy lifestyle, they signed the contract without reading the terms and conditions. It was a social trial offered by consilience. They promised them, the free lifestyle, the stable job and their own home but just for one month. According to the contract, they will have to swap their lives with the prison cell every second month. At first, all went well, and they thought this was the answer to their prayers.

They got all they needed like a home and the job but later on, they realised what was wrong and what happened to them. Later on, Stan and Charmain create the fascinations for their alternates who used to occupy their house when they leave for prison. Uncertainty, suffering and sexual desires overwhelmed the couple during the whole story.

Final Say on The Novel The Heart Goes Last

The novel describes how a desperate heart reacts when it is deprived of what it really loves and how it suffers. The irony of the society is well-defined in this novel as the lawless roam freely and they keep lawful people in prison.

So, the novel will surely and deeply touch your heart and make you believe the brutal fiction by heart. Will, I read this novel again? Yes, because the author definitely described the events in such a way that it engraves in your heart.

For The Latest Price: The Heart Goes Last

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