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Review, Summary, and Synopsis of the Novel The Host

The Host, set in post-apocalyptic time written by Stephenie Meyer, author of a very famous series Twilight, takes us on a hypothetical journey of souls. They represent an alien race who survives by living on the body of their Host, erase their memories and subconsciousness, leaving them dead. They took over the earth because they felt that humanity was not worthy of existence on the planet.

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Author: Stephenie Meyer

Genre: Dystopian/ Fiction/ Philosophy

Pages: 809

Goodreads ratings: 3.84/5      

My ratings: 8.5/10

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Review and Summary of the Fiction Novel The Host

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

Wanderer, a soul, placed in the body of Melanie Strider, didn’t have it easy. Melanie, a rebellious soul, tried her best to avoid being taken over by the wanderer. She did her level best to not succumb to the power of the soul and held her ground. Because of her strong resistance, Melanie and the wanderer devolved a relationship and started talking to each other in their minds.

Embarking on adventures with Melanie, they discovered her, Uncle Jeb, who created a hideout in caves for people who desired to escape the invasion of their souls. All the people of the hideout wanted to kill Melanie because they believed by doing so they will get rid of the wanderer. But Melanie’s boyfriend Jared and her younger brother did not let them kill her.

As time passed, wanderer earned the trust of the hiding community. They named her Wanda. One night, she takes a critically ill patient, but the community attacks her. Somehow she saved herself. After recovering from the incident, Wanda was wandering in remote areas when she came across dead bodies. She learned that humans tried to cut themselves hoping to detach themselves from the soul. Disturbed on learning this, she went into hiding.

As the story unfolds, Jamie became very ill, and the medicine to cure him was with the souls. So Wanda took the medicines away to save Jamie in time. Wanda changed into a kind-hearted soul who empathised with the humans, and many believed it was because of Melanie who still lived in her. The souls became proficient in practising medicines, so she shared her knowledge to how to remove the souls properly without mutilating the human body.

She now held another mission in her mind. She wanted to sacrifice herself to bring Melanie back, but everyone opposed the decision and she showed determination to make her plan successful. Subsequently, she received an operation. Will her selfless act protect her, and what will the future hold for the souls and humans after discovering the healing secret?

Final Say on The Novel The Host

A thoroughly entertaining read taking the readers to another magically created world, Stephenie Meyer once again produced a masterpiece. Full of actions, adventures and imaginations, it completely absorbs the readers’ interests until the end. I rated it 8.5 out of 10 and the novel received a special place among my collections of books.

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