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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of Science Fiction Novel The Ice People

In 1998, Maggie Gee published her science fiction novel The Ice People. The novel is set in a future world that is dominated by an ice age. The novel covers many aspects of society including relationships between men and women, issues like global warming, sexuality, and politics.

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Author:   Maggie Gee

Genre: Science Fiction

Pages: 256

Good reads rating:  3.36/5

My Ratings: 6.5/10

Published: 1999

Publisher: John Blake

Language: English

For The Latest Price: The Ice People

Review and Summary of Science Fiction Novel The Ice People

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

Britain is under the new ice age by the end of the 21st Century. The country experiences a state of law and order evident of a broken civilization. In addition, men and women live separately in different regions. Saul an old man who lives with his outlaws knows that he will be disposed of as soon as he is of no use to anybody. Hence he starts describing his life tale especially his marriage to the love of his life, Sarah.

As Saul continues his story, he starts with the positive side of his marriage and the happiness they experienced. As soon as climate change intensifies and starts affecting the environment, the couple becomes distant towards each other. The increasing coldness forced them to isolate themselves from each other. Sarah leaves Saul and transforms into a political activist. She also tries to turn their son, Luke, against Saul. Saul tries to meet Luke but Sarah refuses to let him see his son and this leads to Saul kidnapping him while crossing the English Channel to Europe. Luke objects of Saul taking him away from his home and as Saul attempts to find a passage for them to the better and warmer climates of Africa, Luke ran away. Later Saul finds out that his son has joined a group of bandits in Spain.

After Saul’s return to Britain, he gets hurt in a car accident and subsequently being pulled out from the wreckage by the outlaws. The outlaws first plan to kill Saul but then decide to keep him alive and use his storytelling skills. The last section of the book indicates the outlaw’s attitude towards Saul and the possibility that the may want to kill him.

Final Say on the Science Fiction Novel The Ice People

This novel offers a must-read for readers who find the impact of the environment and different relationships interesting. The novel receives my rating of 6.5/10. The book requires a more detailed description of the Ice Age that may allow readers to gain a better perspective of the time period. Would I re-read this novel? No. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

For The Latest Price: The Ice People

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