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March 1, 2020
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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of Science fiction Novel The Long Walk

The Long Walk written by an American author Stephen King received a great name in science, dystopian, fantasy and horror fiction. Besides, many rejections and failures he published his first book in 1979 under the pen name Richard Bachman. In the year 2000, The American Library Association included King’s “Long Walk” as the top 100 books for teenagers.

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Author: Stephen King

Genre: Science fiction, Horror fiction, Dystopian fiction

Pages: 384

Good reads rating: 4.11 of 5

My Ratings: 8.3 of 10

Published: July 1979

Publisher: Signet books

Language: English

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Review and Summary of The Science Fiction Novel The Long Walk

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

The author set the story in America where they enforced the military dictatorship. The revolves around an annual competition named as The Long Walk held as a national sport by the militants. The lottery system identified about 100 teenage boys to take part in the competition. They call the competitors Walkers. The soldiers riding along the roadside in their wagons manage and keep a record of every walker’s movements. The Major strategically runs the event.

The rules of the competition are very weird and terrifying. Every walker must walk at a rate of at least four miles per hour. If he drops below this rate, he gets a warning, and if a walker receives three warnings, he receives a ticket. They allow no one to stand as the race starts, and there are no rest stops. In short, they have to run day and night. Walkers can only take aid from the soldiers in the form of food and water. Walkers may not ask for help from the spectators.

If any person violates the rules, they allow the soldiers to shoot them as their punishment. There is no endpoint of the competition, and the race continues until one person remains. They give the winner the reward of having lifetime wishes.

The story focuses around all the walkers, but especially a 16-year-old boy named Raymond Davis Garraty. The other characters of the book and the walk are Peter McVries, Arthur Baker, Hank Oson, Collie Parker, Pearson, Abraham, Harkness, Scramm and Stebbins and many others. They all have their own reasons and secrets for running the race.

The race continues until only one boy survived and they killed all the other 99 individuals for different reasons.

Final Say on The Science Fiction Novel The Long Walk

The book offers a detailed story and binds the readers with the characters emotionally and psychologically. The author did a splendid job in keeping the thrill and tension embedded in the storyline. The end of the book seemed incomplete. I rate this novel an 8.3 out of 10. Would I re-read this novel? No. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

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