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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of Children’s Literature The Lorax

Dr Seuss is the pen name of an American animator, filmmaker and children’s author who wrote many exceptional and outstanding books. The Lorax is one of his many books portraying a bitter yet unavoidable condition of the World and its environment. Although the book received some criticism and controversies, the book gained immense popularity and became part of many schools books. In 1972 the book appeared on television as an animated musical special. Also, in 2012 the book featured as a film too.

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Author: Dr Seuss

Genre:  Children’s literature

Pages: 64

Good reads rating: 4.34 of 5

My Ratings: 8.4 of 10

Published: 1971

Publisher: Random House

Language: English

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Review and Summary of Children’s Literature The Lorax

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

The story is set from a third-person perspective, depicted in the book as a young unnamed boy who lives in a polluted and foul environment. He visits a strange and spooky isolated man living far away in the Street of Lifted Lorax. This person never speaks to strangers. This man is actually the villain and named Once-ler. As the story proceeds, the boy convinces Once-ler to tell him his story, even offering money. The rest of the book continues as Once-ler tells his story to the boy.

He begins his story many years ago when he arrived in this beautiful land, charming and scenic valley of the Truffula trees inhabited by magnificent and lovely wildlife. The Truffula trees became the soul of the valley. The pleasing bright colours, soft and sweet smell and their silky tufts attracted him. So, he chopped a tuft of the Truffula tree and made a piece of garment out of it and named it a “Thneed”. As he did this a short heightened grumpy old man with a moustache appeared from the chopped tree and introduced himself as Lorax and confronted him from chopping off the tree.

He ignored Lorax by saying that he only chopped a single tree. Later that day a guy bought the Thneed he made in return for good money. The greedy man forced him to set up a business of Thneeds and he started working on it by setting a factory of Thneeds. He completed this by installing heavy machines, cutting off more and more trees to make and employ relatives.

As his business grew larger with time, the Lorax continuously tried to stop him from doing this by constantly reminding him that all the waste and surplus gasses emitting from the factory is upsetting the animals. The monkeys struggle to find food, which they get from the trees. The swans and the humming fish disappeared after their habitat became polluted. But he remained ignorant of all this and focused only on his business.

Finally, a day came when they cut the last Truffula tree and there was no material left for the Thneed. All his relatives left him. It was the last time he saw the Lorax standing on the pile of rocks looking at him with pity, and suddenly he vanished into the smoggy clouds. He left him with only one word written on the rocks-‘UNLESS”. From that day until today, he was just left with guilt and regrets.

The Once-ler ended his story by giving the boy the last Truffula seed to prevent the trees from extinction.

Final Say on The Children’s Literature The Lorax

This novel offered an excellent piece of work giving a lesson and a message to the readers by addressing us the shape of an unnamed young boy. The message asks humans to look after their environment and take prompt actions to save our world from dying. I rate this book an 8.4 out of 10. Would I read it again? Yes. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

For The Latest Price: The Lorax

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