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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of The Science Fiction Novel The Pool of Fire

The Pool of Fire is the follow-up to The City of Gold and Lead, the tripods sequels. This trilogy became published by John Christopher, a British science fiction writer whose works received fame across the world. The Tripods became one of his popular, most read books which not only received many awards but also appeared in television as a science fiction TV series.

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Author: John Christopher

Genre: Science Fiction

Page Count: 272

Good reads rating: 4.17 of 5

My Ratings: 7.6 of 10

Published: 1968 (Original publication)

Publisher: Aladdin; Reissue edition (September 10, 2013)

Language: English

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Review and Summary of The Science Fiction Novel The Pool of Fire

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

The Pool of Fire

The Pool of Fire a preceding book to The City of Gold and Lead is full of action, bravery, heroism, emotions, and philosophical themes. This book is a showdown to the rule of the tripods.

The story begins with Will and Beanpole reaching the resistance group and finding out that that they shifted the hideout to some other safer place. It happened if any of the tripods somehow capture their members and read their minds. Soon they scouted Will and Beanpole to the new location. There the leader of the resistance group Julius welcomes them and praises their efforts for finding all the information regarding the tripods and the masters.

Fritz escapes the city and after many struggles, he arrived at the resistance base camp. From there another mission against the tripods rule started. They sent will and Fritz to different parts of the world like the Middle East and Eastern Europe to find as many allies as possible. They recruited many resistance groups and witnessed some terrible experiences as well. When they returned to the camp they came to know about the plannings of capturing a master to get some information from him. After many failed attempts, they finally capture one. They sent the captive master for trials and he reveals his name as Ruki and told many other things.

A ray of hope shines for the resistance group when a prank played on Ruki becomes the most powerful weapon against the masters. When they placed alcohol in Ruki’s food, he became paralysed and unconscious. This reaction of alcohol on an alien’s body gave a boost to the rebellion.

Julius plans another mission and sends the teams all over the masters’ cities to mix alcohol within their water supply systems. They planned to co-ordinate all the attacks at the same time so that no city can alert other cities. The plan went well on the side of Will and Fritz’s team, and they made the masters unconscious now to avoid the chaos. Also to save themselves from the capped slaves they shut down the main power supply of the cities, The Pool of Fire. When they cut off the electric supply, the caps turned down rendering many people to a state of madness and mental trouble. After this, the boys destroy the cities domes, exposing the unconscious masters to the Earth’s environment and finally killing them forever. All the tripods also shut down as the masters died.

The Attack

An attack on the American city failed. But they soon launch another ultimate attack by force on the location. They started dropping bombs on the city, but all their attempts failed because the masters controlled their aircraft engines. They made the last attempt with a hot-air balloon using Beanpole. The bombs missed the targets, but they resolved this problem when Henry jumps on the city’s dome holding a bomb. Finally blowing the dome, sacrificing his own life. This heroic action of Henry saved millions of humans from the brutal rule of masters and finally putting an end to the era of slavery.

The story ends with earth returning to its normal pace, humans struggling to get their lives back on track. Also, researchers working on the remains of alien invasion to understand their techniques and technology. But after some time they notice a master’s aircraft in the orbit. It destroys all the remaining ruins of the masters’ cities and vanishes in the sky. They did this so that the humans could never reverse engineer their technology. The resistance group got divided and they forced Julius to leave the authority when the nationalities’ conflicts develop. Will, Beanpole, and Fritz started another struggle. This time not against the rule of masters but for the unity of humans.

Final Say on The Science Fiction Novel The Pool of Fire

This book receives my ratings of 7.6 out of 10 because of an excellent end to the Tripods trilogy. It offered the readers all the feelings of patriotism, unity, and love for the earth and mankind. Would I re-read this novel? Yes. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

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