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Review Synopsis and Summary of The Science Fiction Novel The Resistance

Gemma Malley, a well-known English writer, wrote the book Resistance and received extensive popularity after the publication thereof. She started as a journalist before becoming an author. She presented remarkable work in business magazines and the Sunday Telegraph. This Book presents the second part of The Declaration Trilogy Series. The series comprises The Declaration, The Resistance, and The Legacy.

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Author: Gemma Malley

Genre: Children’s literature, Science Fiction

Pages: 336

Good read ratings: 3.7 of 5

My Ratings: 7.8 of 10

Published: September 1st, 2008

Published by: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

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Review and Summary of The Science Fiction Novel The Resistance

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

The Resistance

The book pictures the future world of the year 2140 where scientists of Grange Hall developed drugs known as the Longevity drug that prevents death but not aging. People could not have children. They killed those who had children after birth or lived as a Surplus. They spared only those children whose parents were dead. Anna and Peter escaped the life of Surpluses. To keep Anna safe and legal, Anna’s parents committed suicide and Peter realised his parents also died.

This book further follows the story of Peter and Anna, two main protagonists. Peter and Anna live together, taking care of Anna’s little brother Ben. The story starts with Peter where he meets a counselor and tells him about his thoughts and feelings living as a Legal now. He received a job and started working for his grandfather who makes this drug, but in reality, Peter is working for them only to help the Underground. It is a firm that realised the dangers of the drug and is on a secret mission to finish it. On Peter’s first day in Pincent Pharma, his stepbrother Jude hacks into Peter’s computer and started watching his computer screen. They assign Dr Edwards to give Peter the details of the drugs.

The Declaration

With the days passing Richard Pincent, Peter’s grandfather emphasises Peter to sign the Declaration to avoid any rebellion. As the day of releasing of Longevity became closer, they had to make Peter and Anna sign the Declaration as they were turning 16. Peter and Anna decided not to sign the Declaration. Peter meets Pip, the leader of the Underground firm, and corrects him on his opinion that not everyone who isn’t working for the underground firm is wrong. One day Peter finds a note that says to steal a file from Richard’s office. He does so and found the file of the Surpluses Sterilization Program and tells Anna that they need to sign it. Anna forbade to sign it and they both get into a fight. Peter decided that he will no longer work for Underground while Pip asked him to do one last job.

Richard realised that without Anna, Peter will not sign the Declaration so he started torturing Anna. Troubled Anna runs away with Peter and Ben, but the Catchers arrest them. Jude and Pip entered Pincent Pharma to save Sheila and Anna. They caught Peter while sneaking in Unit X and forced to sign the Declaration to save Anna. Dr Edward helps Pip, Anna, Peter, and Jude in escaping with the evidences and sacrifices himself. Both boys returned to their prisons to follow their plan. On the day of signing in front of reporters, Peter reveals the truth about the drug.

The last chapter of the book shows that Anna and Peter live in Scotland, Jude works Underground while Peter is planning to return. Meanwhile, they saved Richard and once again chaos erupted among people.

Final Say on The Science Fiction Novel The Resistance

This novel receives my rating of 7.8 out of 10 and another exceptional effort by the author. It describes the story of teenagers determined to make a change. Would I read this novel again? No. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

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