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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of Science fiction Novel The Stand

The well-known American author Stephen King wrote the novel named The Stand. His books display exceptionally interesting storylines, always amusing and surprising the readers with suspense, and imagination. “The Stand” presents a horror/science fiction novel based on the setting of his short story “Night Surf”.

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Author: Stephen King

Genre: Horror fiction, Science fiction

Pages: 823

Good reads rating: 4.34 of 5

My Ratings: 8.6 of 10

Published: 1978

Publisher: Doubleday

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Review and Summary of Science Fiction Novel The Stand

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

The Stand

The author depicts and visualises the scene and conditions of the society, the entire world broken down bit by bit by a catastrophe of the mutant influenza virus pandemic.

The disaster begins at the US military base secret underground laboratory where they selected a strain of influenza to use it as biological warfare. Due to some mistake, they released mutant and highly contagious influenza causing the people there to die on the spot. Only a soldier named Charles Campion along with his wife and child escaped from there. They head off to a town of Arnette where the Army tracked them, finding them dead. Later the disease spreads across the whole area. The army tried to control the situation by censoring information and many violent efforts but failed miserably. The outbreak keeps on spreading far and wide across the borders, killing 99 percent of the world’s population.

The story continues when almost all the world’s population is dead. Some people who survived the plague needed proper leadership and guidance to re-establish a society that is worth living. Under these circumstances two groups developed, one of them led by a woman 108-years-old named Abagail Freemantle called the “Mother Abagail”, she was spiritual and pious and guided the people. Also, welcomed them to the state of Boulder, Colorado and urges them to build a democratic society called “The Free State”. Another group led or what we can say ruled by an evil, psychic man having supernatural powers named Randall Flagg rebuild society in Las Vegas. He seems not to attract people on their own will but holds the weak ones, the lonely ones and the ones who have no belief in God.

Group Difficulties

The story proceeds with both the groups struggling with their own problems, the Flagg’s group working day and night establishing their society and building its structure. The Freestate’s idle and struggles to build their society. Mother Abagail go on a spiritual reconciliation and people stayed behind in her absence. These people in charge got into a conspiracy by Flagg’s spies.

As the story continues, Mother Abagail returns and dies. Some people visit Las Vegas to confront Flagg but they catch them for execution. A man arrives with nuclear warfare and as what they write in the book The Hand of God detonates the bomb. It kills the whole of Flagg’s army, and the people present. The only survivor of who returns to the Freestate was a man named Stuart Redman. The book ends with Stu and his girlfriend together having a child and they went to live their life in Maine, discussing whether the people of the world will learn from their mistakes.

Final Say on the Science Fiction Novel The Stand

The novel was another remarkable effort of King having a story full of suspense and creativity binding the readers to it. My rating for this novel is 8.6 out of 10. Would I re-read this book? No. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

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