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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of Science Fiction Novel The Time Hoppers

Robert Silverberg published The Time Hoppers, and he also won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards. The Time Hoppers novel offers a classic hit in the science and dystopian fiction genres, first published by Doubleday.

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Author: Robert Silverberg

Genre: Science Fiction

Pages: 182

Good reads rating: 3.39 of 5

My Ratings: 6.4 of 10

Published: 1967

Publisher: Doubleday & Company, Inc.; 1st edition (1967)

Language: English

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Review and Summary of The Science Fiction Novel The Time Hoppers

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

The story dates in a 25th-century future world where technology and power superseded and overtaken the lives of the feeble and powerless. The class system prevails where the opportunities, luxuries, and benefits only occur within the upper classes.

The individuals belonging to the first-class live in underground, fantastically lavished areas provided with privacy and luxury. They rule the world and give Class-2’s to expensive residences in African and elite continents. The lowest rarely receive jobs, residence, and sustenance.

The lower classes live in crowded dormitories, and their chances for improvement and earning stay limited. The population is increasing dangerously day by day. Drugs, brothels and many other illegal actions become legalised. Homosexuality prevails to control the population, and they allow only two births per family. Science and technology have mastered all aspects and even the things which can only be imagined have now become the reality, including time travel and teleportation. Also, the author attempts to explain the conjectural transmission of matter and energy from one place to another. Irrespective of the physical space between them.

Under these conditions of the world, the story is about a man named Joseph Quellen who is a seven-class individual and works at the administration of crime control. He secretly bought a house in Africa which he must hide from others as being a seven-class individual they do not allow him to live in Africa and for this, they could punish him. Norman Pomrath a brother-in-law to Joseph belongs to a lower class and plays a role in the storyline.

Final Say on Science Fiction Novel The Time Hoppers

The author attempts to provide a description of world challenges and the manner we address them. I give the novel a 6.4 out of 10 ratings. It blends and correlates with the past through his creative idea of time travel. Would I re-read this novel? No. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

For The Latest Price: The Time Hoppers

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