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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of the Dystopian Novel The Time Machine

H. G. Wells’ novel The Time Machine is a Science Fiction/ Dystopian Novel, first published in 1895. The author describes events that revolve around a time travel machine which a scientist uses to travel forward or backward in the time. He sees wonders and experiences different things that make this story fascinating. Like the other dystopian and science fiction stories, in this novel, the writer dwells on the future of science and technology, but he provides a different perspective in it.

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Author: H. G. Wells

Genre: Science Fiction/ Dystopian

 Pages: 118

 Goodreads Rating: 3.89 of 5

 My Rating: 7.8 of 10

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Review and Summary of the Dystopian Novel The Time Machine

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

The protagonist of the book is a Victorian Scientist who travels through time with the use of his invented machine. The device carries one person through time. He returns the following week during dinner to tell this remarkable story. He remains confused about the experience. So he tries to travel through, which takes him five hours into the future. It offers him a fantastic experience that he figures out. He moves further into time and reaches in future and sees they turn his house into a lush green garden. He travels further and stops in A. D 802,701.

He meets a society with the name of  Eloi that represents small, elegant, childlike, adults. They live in small groups yet in large houses. They eat fruits and avoid all other kinds of diets. He doesn’t see any discipline in them, but he tries to communicate without success. He visits the top of the hill where he finds that they turn the entire world into a garden. These little human-like species are walking everywhere. He finds his machine missing when he returns from the hills.

His machine’s levers were with him, luckily so no one could use that. In search, he finds that there were Morlocks who used to come out in the night. They took his machine. On the bait to place him in front of Sphinx, they give him a Time machine. He uses it and escapes further into the future where he sees they prevent humans from returning to earth. He comes back and narrates this story to the people at dinner. And to bring another story, he travels again and never comes back.

Final Say on The Dystopian Novel The Time Machine

I found this original H. G. Wells concept novel interesting and exceptional reading material. If you find time travel interesting, then it is perfect reading material. I rated it with 7.8 out of 10 because of the unusual and compelling storyline. The writer uses an exceptional imaginary approach, and I will definitely recommend reading it.

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