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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of Dystopian Science Fiction Novel Unwind

Neal Shusterman, an American Writer wrote the book named Unwind and received many awards. Just like his other books, Unwind collected diverse positive reviews upon its release. The book aims to unfold the secrets and lost stories of the Unwind world and characters.

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Author: Neal Shusterman

Genre: Dystopian Science Fiction 

Pages: 335

Good reads rating: 4.18 of 5

My Ratings: 8.3 of 10

Published: 2007

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Language: English

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Review and Summary of The Dystopian Science Fiction Novel Unwind

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***


The novel presents a near-future dystopian novel of the United States, which escalated into a second civil war. Children, teenagers, and young adults started protests and riots in the city against the government in an event known as Teen Uprising. They introduced the technology in organ transplantation evolution and a process known as unwinding. That means they harvest the organ of anybody as long as the other body accepts it.

The government then passed a bill called “The Bill of Life” to end this civil war. The bill proposed the restriction of abortion but allow newborns into someone else’s care called “storking”. However, unwinding becomes an accepted practise as it doesn’t harm the body during process and no death occurs. Parents who want to get rid of their unwanted children adopted this method.

The story of this exciting novel revolves around three teenagers Connor, Revi, and Lev, who scheduled an unwind. It tells all the struggles these teenagers faced to save themselves from unwinding.

The Graveyard

Somehow the group of teenagers reached a Graveyard where the Admiral teaches them some skills so when they turned eighteen it could transport them to other places. Ronald called a villain manipulates the teenager and turned them against Admiral. Soon Connor realised that Ronald manipulates and spreads false rumours. But Ronald created riots and Admiral got a heart attack.

They forced the three captured teenagers to unwind. But Lev did a blast and saved the teenagers from being unwounded. He then surrendered to the police and his family refused to take him back, but his older brother fought for his custody. The Admiral who became weak from his heart refused to accept the unwounded heart and resigns from his post at the graveyard. Risa and Connor return to the graveyard and vowed to fight against “Unwinding”.

There are some other characters like Sonia and Hannah who helped the teenagers in planning out an escape for themselves in the early part of the novel. Ci-Fyi who taught Lev some skills separated from Risa and Connor. This happened before Connor and Risa reached “Graveyard”. The Admiral built this “Graveyard” to correct his mistake of the forced unwinding of his son.

Final Say on The Dystopian Science Fiction Novel Unwind

The novel offers a dystopian fiction that terrified and fascinates the reader at the same time. The author described the struggles teenagers normally deal with. The author receives my ratings of 8.3 out of 10. Would I re-read this novel? Yes. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

For The Latest Price: Unwind

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