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January 21, 2020
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January 21, 2020

Ursula Kroeber Le Guin (1929-2018) received recognition as an American book writer. She especially received credits for speculative fiction inclusive of a science fiction approach. Le Guin originally published in 1959 and expanded her writing career that lasted over many years. She also took part in the publication of children’s books, translation, critique, and poetry. Le Guin completed her master’s degree in French and wrote full time during the later 1950s.

Some of her novels include The Left Hand of Darkness (1969) and A Wizard of Earthsea (1968). She received the Nebula and Hugo awards for the best books and continued to publish more novels. She continued to influence and develop a field of speculative fiction. Le Guin obtained a range of awards, for example, the Nebula, Hugo, and Locus awards.

She also won the World Fantasy Award and the 1973 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature. Other well-recognised novels include the Unlocking the Air and Other Stories (1996) and the Lathe of Heaven (1971). Le Guin exposed to anthropology enjoyed reading about myths and legends, for example, The Leaves of the Golden Bough by Lady Frazer, an adaption from The Golden Bough Book firstly published in 1890.

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