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Review, Synopsis, and Summary of Dystopian Science Fiction Novel Virtual Light

American Canadian writer, William Gibson published his dystopian science fiction novel, Virtual Light in 1993. It is the first of his books in the Bridge Trilogy. This novel was a final nominee in Hugo Awards and shortlisted for Locus Awards in the year 1994.

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Author:  William Gibson

Genre: Dystopian Science Fiction

Pages: 304

Good reads rating:  3.84/5

My Ratings: 7.7/10

Published: September 6, 1993

Publisher: Bantam Spectra (US) Viking Press (UK) Seal Books (Canada)

Language: English

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Review and Summary of Dystopian Science Fiction Novel Virtual Light

***Warning Spoilers Below This Point***

After an earthquake, a community starts to develop known as San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge. Here in this community lives a young bicycle messenger, Chevette Washington. The story of this novel centres on the endeavours of Chevette Washington. The novel starts as Chevette steals dark-rimmed glassed from a man in the party because of offensive behaviour. Soon after she steals the glasses, she realises that these glasses are important because a security company known as Henchmen, starts following and tracking her.

Two of her pursuers are cops living in San Francisco who also are Russian immigrants, Svbodov and Orlovsky. These glasses basically contained information about development to build San Francisco using Nanotechnology. Therefore these glasses became highly desired and for sure presents danger for a person who possesses them. Berry Rydell who is an ex-cop and working as a private security agent receives the contract to recover the glasses for Lucius Warbaby. When Rydell starts this mission, he is not aware of the importance of these glasses.

The plot takes us to a point where Rydell, Loveless, Warbaby, Orlovsky and Svobodov, all catch up with Chevette. Now the situation changes such that Rydell and cops both want the glasses. Rydell needs to decide if wants to side with the cops or Warbaby. The decision becomes easy, as instead of siding with any of these, he runs with Chevette. They both start an adventurous journey of treachery and should remain a step ahead of their enemies. The enemies are equipped with wealth as well as technology. Chevette and Rydell develop a an initially restricted romantic relationship but flourishes with time.

Final Say on Dystopian Science Fiction Novel Virtual Light

The novel Virtual Light is an interesting book and offers many adventures waiting for the readers to enjoy. Overall it is a complex novel and receives my rating of 7.7/10. Since the story is a little different as in comparison to our daily readings, it is an interesting read. I would highly recommend this novel to people who are fond of Dystopian Science Fiction. Would I re-read this novel? No. Am I glad I read it? Yes.

For The Latest Price: Virtual Light

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